Garage Door Opener - Randomly opens and closes

So I believe only the events that say “opening” or “closing” are commands initiated by the GDZ via ST. All the open/close events are the door sensor reporting the status change. So if you only see an open/close event with no opening/closing event right before, then you are observing a non-ST related open/close.


So there was one actual event of garage opening yesterday night, at 10.01 PM . The remaining you see from the recents tab in app today are not actual garage door opening events. I think these ghost events just started appearing since yesterday when I reset everything . The tilt switch was also reset and paired again with the GDZ device. May be something is playing out there. I am attaching 2 screen shots. One which shows events from yesterday night and one which is most recent one.

I restate my recommendation of having a failsafe for your connected garage door:

Turns off when you are not home and no one can open your door via ST or someone with a friquency blaster.

The 10:01 PM event doesn’t look like it was initiated by SmartThings. There is no event showing the GDZ is “opening” the door. I don’t think you can rule out that something else could have opened your garage door.

Does anyone else know where there might be more related logging to view? I know you can turn on Live Logging, but you won’t be able to keep that running for long periods of time unattended. So unless you can predictably know when the next incident will occur, you’d have to get lucky to catch it with Live Logging.

This is an awesome idea. I have a smartplug in the same strip as my garage door, I use the plug as a repeater, I will plug into the smartplug as soon as i get home, thanks.

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@jasonrwise77, that is what I have been using since the first year of ST. And I was reworded on many occations peace of mind on those days people post threads like this.

Any way…Here is my original project. For the most part it can still work, but I need to update it.

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Thank you I really appreciate. I have had mine for about 8 months with zero false open or closes. But just like you said for peace of mind I will just unplug the opener and plug it into the smartplug 4 inches away, problem solved.