Ridiculously automated garage door - Closing on my wife's van issue

Hello ST Community!

I recently installed the ridiculously automated garage door app for the Linear Garage Door Opener (gd00z-1). The only problem i’m having is that the it is triggering the garage door to close after my wife arrives and she has to park with the rear of the car sticking out of the garage to open the trunk hatch without it getting scratched up to get items out. After she gets them out she pulls the van into the appropriate position. Since I am not a coder/developer by any means… how can I set a delay to keep it from closing for a certain period of time? or is there a way to wait for a motion sensor to be triggered before closing it? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Best advice is: don’t use this app.

There are well documented problems with garage door automation with ST. It’s just not reliable enough for the intended uses. Old fashioned garage door openers work reliably, and ST doesn’t.


It’s authored and supported by SmartThings. Not “custom code” at all. Meaningless distinction.

My bad, then. But the point is still that it’s not the device, it’s the device handler.

What event triggers the garage door to close?

Would @garyd9 's device handler for this device work any better?

I believe I figured out last night that it is triggered by her or my kids opening the interior door to the house from the garage. I think if I could just set it to have a delay after that door is opened it might solve my issue.

Since this device type was created by SmartThings, I would write to support@smartthings.com and ask them about the problem.

I myself can’t read SmartThings code (I depend on text to voice software, and navigating the IDE is very difficult), so I just don’t know exactly what’s exposed for this particular issue.

@tslagle13 may know, he likes this type of challenge. :blush:

Ok, lets take this one on!

We can do a time delay but thats not as cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me more about your setup and I will see what I can come up with. :smile:

What i’m thinking is we could add something like when the interior garage door opens and then closes and motions is sensed in XYZ room… then close the door. So if you were unloading groceries and the door remained open you would be good.

A lot of people, especially ones with kids, like to watch the garage door as it closes. Just to make sure the kids haven’t run back out. So you definitely want to allow for an option with the adult still being nearby or the interior door still being open when the garage door does close.

OOOOOOO how about this!?

Sensor put on the door of the van… if the van door is open then it will disable the automation. When it is closed automation will continue as normal.

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I really like this for the back door of the van or for the trunk of a sedan. Trunk open, delay automation makes perfect sense to me, and won’t block the passage ways.

Of course if you arrive in someone else’s car or a loaner it won’t work, so you probably need a manual override also, maybe a virtual switch?

Thoughts @newtbd

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I’m trying to do it without spending any extra money if possible even though I do like that idea. The perfect scenario to me would involve a range sensor using an arduino or something (noob at the maker stuff as well). That way no matter what… it wouldn’t close unless the van was a certain distance from the wall in front of it. Any premade devices like that exist?

Hopefully your door has an obstruction beam installed to prevent it from actually closing on something/one - if not I sure would not remotely close it.

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Not sure if it would stand up to the weight of a car… Didn’t check specks on the product… but this?

This would eliminate JDs concern of a rental/visitor car.

A pressure mat variant is a good idea. There are many made for vehicle alert systems. The United Pressure model in that thread isn’t suitable for cars, but there are other models.

You’ve probably driven over one in some commercial driveways.

However, that’s an additional device, and the ones for cars are pretty expensive. More expensive than a device that doesn’t have to bear being run over. :wink:

Yep, in order to make this bullet proof another device is going to need to be bought honestly.

@newtbd Are you 100% against a new device?

Just bash up the car in advance and get it over with, so you won’t care when the garage door hits it.


Of course but its low enough to pass under the cars rear bumper

Not 100% but I just got a Sonos play 5 for myself for my bday and it would take some convincing of the wife to buy yet another HA device. If anything it will take some time.

Most of the sensors will be in the $50 - $99 range, if that helps any.