Lowes Garage Door Controller: Random events

Ok, I have a weird problem since this morning, the garage door (Lowes GD00Z-1) has switched to opening status without me doing anything. When I checked the door was still closed, and I had to manually open and close it again for the status to correct itself. Anyone seeing similar behavior? I am using @RBoy device handler.

1:30 this morning my lights came on from a downstairs motion sensor trigger. No one/nothing was downstairs.

The weirdness for me is that nothing is set to trigger the garage door. It’s a bit more understandable if something was tied to it, but in this case it was completely random. Happened twice so far.

and it just did it again, so make that 3 times in about 7 hours.

Edit 1: 4 times

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This was the third issue I have noticed within the last couple of days. Sensor that went off that shouldn’t have. Routines that should have changed mode but didn’t. Scheduled events not firing.

I just chalk it up to another instance of SmartThings funk that seems to come along every week or two.

The same thing has happened to me at least 3 times over the past couple of weeks. I just left it alone and few hours later, it would correct the status by itself without me doing anything.

I’ll try that

I’ve had sensors flip states for no reason. None recently other than presence but have seen it. They usually fix themselves.

I had my motion sensor go off for no reason yesterday.

Rebooted my hub and it seems to stop the nonsense

hub reboot fixed it.

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You running a V2 hub Neal? Just curious. I see so many threads that talk about rebooting the V2 hub where the only time my V1 gets rebooted is when the power goes out from the utility company or I’m wiring in a new device.

If I had a V2 I think I would put it on a timer and reboot the thing daily in the wee hours of the night. It must accumulate garbage. Kind of like the memory leaks in so many android apps.


V2, it was my first reboot in 3 months.

Thanks. I guess it’s not a big issue then.