Forcing device recognition

Has anyone out there successfully paired the newly released Australian version of SmartThings with “non-supported” devices. I picked up an Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW110) and a couple of other things but have no idea whether it’s possible to get them to work. I created a device handler however the switch is not found by the ST hub in the first place.

Can you “force” the ST hub to find a device then allocated a device handler to it?


I’m sure you’ll get a more detailed answer, but I figured if you want to experiment you might have some luck with my hint…

Go to the Hub Event Log in the IDE (My Locations / (location) / Hub) and using the App, put it into Search/Join mode.

Trigger your device to join (whatever method required … insert batteries, press and hold button, whatever according the manufacturer).

The Hub Event log will possibly (likely?) show the “fingerprint” of the Device.

Add that Fingerprint to your Custom DTH and it may allow the Device to join.

First things first: the Australian hub is using the official Australian Z wave frequency. That’s different from both UK frequency and the US frequency. So you need to be sure that all of your end devices are operating on exactly the same frequency as your hub. ( and there’s no way to change the frequency after the time of manufacture)

What’s the full model number, including the suffix, of the device that you purchased?

Any zwave device should be found at least as a generic thing. Since it’s not being found it all, it’s probably either not on the same frequency or it needs to be reset.

Also… to set up that hub you need to be using the new app. The new app does not work well with custom DTHs. Have you read all of that stuff yet? But that’s just about getting it to work after it joins, it should join in any case.

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Thanks @tgauchat for your reply. I had a quick look last night but need to spend some time working through all the noise in the log to see if any of the devices are these new devices. At first glance it doesn’t seem like it. I am not sure why but I am getting my existing linked Hue and Wemo devices shown in the event log. Not sure why. Doesn’t seem to pick up the Aoetec at all…

Thanks @JDRoberts. I bought the recently released Australian version so I am assuming it’s using the Australian frequency (although I am still learning about all this).

My ST Model is ET-WV525. There is no AU suffix or anything like that. And I am using Aeotec devices that are Australian on frequency 921.42MHz. That they are not showing up at all in any logs that I can see has got me stumped. Even my Sengled downlights are showing up as a “Thing” even though they are not supported. I have 3 Aoetec devices and none of them are registering whatsoever, and from what I can tell they don’t come up in any event log or live logging either. Driving me nuts I can tell you.

Is the hub led flashing green when trying to pair?

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The Sengled devices are zigbee, not Z wave. Same frequency in most countries. So it doesn’t run into the same issues.

Anyway, sorry, I meant the suffix for the Aeotec devices, not the hub. Do you have any other Z wave devices that are working?

There have been a number of people having issues with zwave inclusion since the firmware update (the device appears to include, but doesn’t show up in the device list). They all seem to be having success with a workaround that @hgozilla figured out. Essentially, search the Hub Event Log for the message reporting a successful join (do a general exclude on the device and then re-include if you have trouble finding it), then use the zwave ID listed in the message to create a new device manually in the IDE. His more detailed explanation is here

Ah ok. I am not sure whether I have any Z-wave. I have Arlo cameras, Wemo, Sengled, Logitech and gogogate…now you have got me thinking as to whether there are any z-wave devices. I probably should have thought of that. Makes me wonder whether ST in Australia actually supports any zwave at all…

These are the devices I am trying to connect to but no luck getting any response from any of them for some reason.
Aeotec Smart Switch 6 - ZW110-B09
Aeotec MultiSensor 6 - ZW100-B
Remotec Scene Master ZRC-90

Great, thanks @philh30. I will take a look tonight when I get home. Cheers

I am not too sure @Automated_House. I was keeping an eye for the flashing light on the Aeotec and didn’t think about checking the hub. Will have to have a look tonight and try again. Certainly I get a lot of activity in the hub event log when I try to pair so it’s definitely trying, but I will check out the lights on the hub tonight.

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I can’t tell about the remotec from that, but the aeotec smart switch and sensor are the right frequency for Australia. So that’s good. ( it doesn’t look like that remotec device was ever certified on the Australian frequency, which concerns me. So we may just have to go through these one device at a time.)

You can look on the official zwave alliance site to see what devices have been certified for each region:

Where did you buy them from? They may need to be factory reset using a general exclusion before they will add to a new hub. Even if they were brand new devices, sometimes they are benchtested at the factory and need to be cleared.

It would also be a good idea to check in the IDE and make sure that your Zwave radio is turned on.

Thanks @JDRoberts I will give the exclusion a go tonight.
I got them from
I didn’t even know there was a way to check the Zwave radio either. Will report back tonight.

Thanks so much for your help too.

Ok so I just realised I could access the IDE via the cloud. I tried enabling, disabling and repairing the Zwave network. When I do each of these the Z-Wave “status” of the hub reads as follows:

  • State: Not detected
  • Node ID: FF
  • Suc ID: FF
  • Protocol Version: 3.83
  • Region: ANZ

This doesn’t look right to me. Is there something else I need to do here?

Ok now I notice in the event log that I get “Z-Wave module failed” when I reboot the hub. Guessing this could be a dodgy hub. Going to try factory reset when i get home and see if this does anything…

Could be. At this point I would contact support or the retailer.

Yep. Thanks so much for your help. Couldn’t have diagnosed to this point without your pointing me in the right direction. Cheers