Migrating To A New Hub - Can't Find Any ZWave Devices

So my 2015 hub stopped working and I purchased a V3 hub. After trying several options for migrating my devices from the old hub to the new one, I deleted the old hub.

Now I am attempting to add my devices back in (23 in total) and I can’t get my new hub to find any of my devices.

Aside from deleting the old hub, what am I missing? When attempting to add a new device, my hub, via the new SmartThings Samsung app, can’t see anything.

For example, I am adding back my door sensors. These are Aotech Gen 5 ZWave Plus recessed sensors. I went into the app and stepped through the Add Sensor process, I pressed the button on the sensor when prompted. Five minutes later, the app says the device is not responding.

I went into graph.api.smarthings.com and looked at the hub events. It appears that the Include search is being activated.

I have repeated this for all of my ZWave devices and none of the will connect with the hub.

Any ideas?

if you are using any custom device handlers, open each in IDE and publish for me. There is a known issue where they can become stale preventing devices from pairing.

reset zigbee devices or exclude your z-wave devices again…

in new app, click on + (plus) in the upper right of the screen)
select the by brand section
either choose by the brand or use scan nearby at the bottom of the screen

The IDE says there are no handlers.

I have power cycled my zwave sensor.

I then ran an ZWave exclusion which told me no devices were deleted.

I then clicked on the +, selected the brand and then clicked next.

I then clicked the little button on the sensor as instructed in the app.

After five minutes it says that the device was not responding.

I checked the IDE and it shows that an include search started…so I think it should have a chance.

is your new hub assigned to a room in the new app?

how far are the devices from the hub? I would starting with the closet device and get it closer to the hub. Then work to the farthest device in your house to build the mesh.

what brand/models and type of devices?

The hub is assigned to a room.

The closest devices I have tried have been between 3 and 5 feet from the hub and the furthest were on the other size of my house, which is about 40 to 50 feet away.

I have tried:
Aotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen 5 (3 of these)
GE Smart Outlet
GE Smart Wall Switch (3 of these)
Aotec Range Extender

install the classic app, login as New to SmartThings and use your samsung account if prompted. try to install those devices with it. You have a few more hours to use the classic app.

I can’t get them to appear in the old app either. Since the hub is scanning for ZWave devices (according to the web IDE), I don’t suspect it is an app issue.

I am not sure what to say. is the z-wave radio active in IDE? have you tried rebooting the hub?

be sure to open a ticket with ST support.

hopefully another community member may have some ideas on how to assist

You probably are already aware of these procedures…but if not…

Your Z-wave devices will need to each be Excluded using the Z-wave general exclusion feature of the hub. Once the hub is put into Exclusion mode, you have to follow the instructions for each of your devices to have them excluded to be ready to be paired with the new hub.

Some devices can be Factory Reset via a sequence of button presses on the device. This is why it is important to find the user manual for each device and follow the instructions to factory reset it or exclude it to allow it to pair.

just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the support doc for z-wave exclusion. You’ll need to lookup how to put each of your z-wave devices into pairing/exclusion mode too

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Interesting. My old hub died, as a result, I couldn’t do an exclusion on the devices connected to that hub. Are you saying, that each ZWave device keeps some non-volatile information in it and it needs to be excluded via the old device prior to being discoverable again?

I have done an exclusion on the new hub, but no devices were removed. Which isn’t surprising because it has not paired with any devices.

The “How to exclude Z-Wave devices” article seems to indicate that doing an exclusion on the new hub somehow prepares previously used devices to be added. This doesn’t quite make sense.

Yes, this exactly.

No, any Zxwave controller can perform a General Exclusion on any Zxwave device.

Sis you follow the device specific instructions for performing the Exclusion process, shortly after the new hub was put into general Exclusion mode?

Yes, this is exactly how Zxwave works, and is one of the reasons that I so very much prefer Zigbee. Every Zigbee device has a factory reset procedure, which makes it so much simpler to move them to a new hub.

Find the manuals online for each device, and follow the Exclusion procedure. You need the manual to also follow the Inclusion procedure for each device to get them paired.

Ok. Thanks for the clarifications.

I have done an exclusion and the app said that no devices were deleted. I am not sure if that is expected.

I then went through the pairing procedure with a door sensor and a wall switch. Neither worked.

Have you followed the instructions to unpair/exclude and factory reset the Aeotec Gen 5 recessed door sensors?

You have to press the “action button” on the sensor once the hub is in Exclusion mode. You may need to bring the sensor near the hub.

Thanks. I was able to get this working. The key was that I need to run an exclusion for each device, and like you mention, need to click the action button on each device when excluding it.