Force Edge Driver update without CLI?

hi will there be a way in the appto update/refresh edge drivers without having to go into the cli.

Rebooting the hub usually forces it to update.

is there a way to update all drivers using the cli ?

Do you mean all at once?
I’ve seen that using the command: edge:drivers:installed after the driver’s dev has published the latest version, you can force the update but it doesn’t accept several driverIds at once…
Are you looking for a way to force the refresh of all the drivers to be sure you’re using the latest version?

yes thats it ,

is there anything in place to auto update the drivers every now and then.
or if they update when the hub is rebooted perhapse a routine that could be set to reboot the hub nce a week or so.

Your drivers should automatically update themselves within 12 hours of a update being published.


thats great thanks

Oh no, there’s no command to “pull” all the updates and neither does a command to reboot the Hub in a routine for example.

So, as @Paul_Oliver said, we should wait for the 12 hours auto-update. If we want to force it, we can try:

  • Rebooting the Hub manually
  • Use the edge:drivers:install command


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