Driver updates

If I update a driver via a package and publish, does it automatically get updated on all the other folks that are subscribed to my channel? Because, I need to still do an install via command line after my publish, so I am not sure… Also, if it is not automatically updated, how do these other folks get to the latest version?

From what we’re being told, once you update and publish it could take up to 12 hours for subscribers to be auto updated, otherwise they need to use the CLI.


Publishing the driver to the channel would/should auto update everyone (including any of your hubs that subscribe to said channel) within the 12 hours. If you waited long enough your hub would get the newly published version just like all other hubs will.

Installing the driver to a hub forces a push of that driver to the hub directly. Makes development possible, otherwise the test/debug cycle would be pretty long. :slight_smile:

That hub doesn’t even need to be subscribed to the channel you published it to. I do this a lot in testing to publish a driver to a dummy channel but install/push it to a development hub that isn’t subscribed to anything.