Edge driver version updates: force update or shorten refresh interval

Are there any plans to change the behavior of edge driver updates only being updated about every 12 hours? If I find a bug in a driver and fix it, that is way too long for people to have to wait to see that change. Can we shorten this update interval and maybe also provide an easy way for users to force an update if desired?


12 hours is the worst case and users can force an update by installing the driver manually.

I think it’s excessive to require installing a driver just to get an update more quickly than several hours. And the CLI is the only way to manually trigger that, right? There should be an easier way than that - lots of people are not experienced with command-line stuff.

You can easily force a driver update in the mobile app by trying to delete the driver. The deletion will fail because you have devices connected to the driver. But it will cause the driver to update to the newest version within a few minutes.

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Just removed the device, removed the driver… yes, I went all the way. Reinstalled the Driver and still on the older version.


Even if that had worked, it’s a wonky workaround. There should be an easier way to do this. Edge drivers are still very new and can get quite complicated. There will naturally be tons of changes flying around at a very frequent rate. It’s incredibly tedious trying to do that when we have no way to easily make sure people using them are on the latest version.


Turns out my original issue was worsened by me publishing updates to the wrong channel. Would still love the ability to force a refresh, though.