Steps to update an existing edge driver

Newbie question. I am working on developing a custom edge driver but I am trying to figure out the quickest way to update a driver version within my hub.

Is there a convenient way to update the driver version on the hub or do I have to go through the uninstall existing driver and reinstall a new one?

So far, it look like I have to delete the channel, remove the driver and then create the package, create a channel, install the driver.

Is there a quicker way to simply update the driver?

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The quickest way to update a driver on your hub is to:

  1. go to the hub tile in the mobile app,
  2. click on 3 dots in upper right corner,
  3. pick drivers,
  4. click on your driver,
  5. choose delete.

If the driver is being used you will get an error message that the driver can’t be deleted.

But within a minute or so the driver will be updated.

Or you can wait 12 hours for the automatic update.


I believe I read somewhere it auto updates.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am specifically asking for steps for a custom driver that I have created and installed on my hub. Haven’t found a way to replace the driver with a new version other than having to fully delete the existing driver, channel, etc and restarting from scratch.

That is a 3 step process in the CLI:


smartthings edge:drivers:package C:\Users\pcoli\Desktop\Edge\zwave-siren
(Change to your files location and name)


smartthings edge:drivers:publish


smartthings edge:drivers:install

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You can package (take your local driver directory and push it to the Edge servers) and install (Edge server to hub deploy) in one step.

smartthings edge:drivers:package <driver directory> -I

The -I (upper case i) install option makes it easy to install a driver to a hub at the same time as packaging it. It will prompt you for which channel (use your same dev channel as you’ve been using) and which hub you want. The install takes just a few seconds. If you have your logcat window open, you’ll see your driver reload.


Thank you so much. This works great.


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So, if I update the driver for my public channel, 12 hours later everyone that are using the old version will have the driver updated automatically ?

It can take up to 12 hours, but sometimes can be less. But yes, users shouldn’t have to do anything to get the new driver version.