All Cree bulbs offline this afternoon, maybe Zigbee issues in general

Hey All,

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m not sure if it’s related to the firmware update this afternoon or not, but shortly after all of my Cree bulbs stopped working as well as a Zigbee Ikea dimmer switch (the only other zigbee device I own). I’m guessing if this was a wide spread issue I wouldn’t be the first to post about it, but I’m not sure how to get things working again.

Per another post with similar issues from a year ago, I’ve unplugged and removed the batteries from my hub for 30+ minutes, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. All of my other devices still work just fine.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’m currently down about 8 lights due to the issue.


when you say they stopped working - were they reporting as off-line AND unable to control them through the app? if only off-line, rebooting your hub through IDE usually resolves it.

if both, perhaps you can try powering off one of the bulbs for a moment, power it back up and see if it reconnects. if it does, perform the same on the remaining ones.

a couple other users have reported issues after the hub firmware update so contact ST Support

Thanks for the quick response.

They are reporting as off-line AND unable to control them through the app. I’ve tried powering off several bulbs for anywhere from 1-5 minutes then powering back on with no luck.

I’ll try contacting ST support as you suggested.

I’ve been having problems with all of my Cree bulbs since the update. I’m also having some Sylvania Lightify bulbs randomly turning on. This really sucks when it’s my bedroom light. Overall I’ve been having lots of problems with everything since Dec. 2019.