Cree Connected Bulb Issues

Is anyone else having issues with their Cree Connected bulbs? Specifically the bulbs respond most of the time on first attempt, but randomly they don’t respond to the first command, but they will a few seconds later with another try.

It’s almost like the hub loses connection to the them and the first try actually reestablishes it, but doesn’t actually turn the bulb on or off. Then it’s good to go on the second try.

I’ve moved my wifi router away from the hub and I’m still seeing this behavior.

Definitely frustrating!!!

You need to try the reset procedure and be precise.

Also I would try this: (I believe the CREE Connected Bulbs are actually ZigBee however someone mentioned until they did this they had connectivity issues with all their devices)

Yes, many people are having troubles getting them connected.

I have one cree connected bulb (my only zigbee thing in a sea of z-wave…I have been seeing a similar problem with my bulb but only the past few days. About 3 or 4 times it’s taken a second audio command to my Echo to light it up. Before that it was perfect every time.