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FIXED: SmartThings Server Error (it was me)

(Marcus Rivera) #1

SmartThings server down? Google Home is unable to control my devices. 500 Server Error on “Devices” through IDE. Thought it was on my end with the bulb and DTH I was playing with, deleted the device and couldn’t re-pair it. Checked IDE and noticed the server errors.

Also made the mistake of unlinking SmartThings from Google Home, now I cannot link it back (until server is fixed).

(Marcus Rivera) #3

USEast is my SmartThings server location. Is yours the same?

(jkp) #5

also, try incognito/private tab in your browser when you login to IDE at

(Marcus Rivera) #6

Error500: Internal Server Error if I click on “Hubs” or “Devices”, other tabs work fine. NA04 is the server I guess.

(jkp) #7

you may want to contact ST support at and report it

(Steve White) #8

I opened a ticket (#679903) on that issue over a week ago, also on NA04. Have not received any response yet. Ended up deleting the account and all devices off the hub and starting over. I’m only using ST for Arlo support at the moment so it wasn’t a big deal.

I feel sorry for those who have to depend on Samsungs poor support these days.

(Brad) #9

This is likely due to a corrupt device record for a hub connected device. I usually see this related to hue devices.

You’re back in business but I’ll still follow up privately.

(Marcus Rivera) #10

Actually support fixed the issue this morning. I guess; I need to do more research, before attempting to modify DTH’s. I figured that was what caused the issues (I corrupted my whole system). Now, I want to know if factory resetting my hub (says all devices and automations will be deleted) would have removed the corrupted DTH.?

(Marcus Rivera) #11

I tried deleting the bulb from my end with no luck fixing the error. Would actually resetting the hub (starting fresh) have fixed it?

(Brad) #12

Factory resetting the Hub via button press may have fixed it but there is a pretty good chance that the corrupt device record would have prevented that from succeeding.

Corrupt DTH Making all Devices Inaccessable