Internal Server Error 500

Twice in the past 10 days I’ve completely lost my “Things” panel on the mobile app. When I check IDE. I get an error page that says Internal Server Error 500. I sent a request to support and, the last time, it resolved in about 24 hours (not sure if that was support, or it just occurred). This time, it’s been about 36 hours and still no joy. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve not yet heard back from support…

Hey Ryan (always loved that name). What’s your ticket number? I’ll take a look.

And sorry we’ve been completely buried these last couple weeks and are short on bodies. Excuses aside I know we need to get better.

#90706. Thanks for looking into it!

So, whatever you did worked!! Thanks!! Devices (and Things) are back on line. My Hues are excluded, if I add them back in is this going to happen again?? Can you give me a rundown on what happened please? Thanks again for the help!!!

I have the same issue I tried to factory reset the hub did not worked :frowning: now I am waiting for support…my request is #705704 can anyone help me? I also try to delete my location and also group but it will not do…can you help me?

I could be 1 of several divergent things: