First gen multi-sensor garage door

i have a v3 hub. i previously had a first gen smarthings sensor working as a garage door sensor via the axis vs via the contact, for years. but now its device type is ‘zigbeee contact,’ and it’s using the contact to determine open/closed, and i don’t see any options in the IDE to change it to a ‘use as a garage door sensor’ which is how i think i used to get it to use the axis. is this not a thing anymore?

Try here:

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Look at the settings for the device via the mobile app. If the 1st gen driver supports it you should see this:

Hi @curtmcgirt

Smartthings solved this by changing the profile of the first generation devices to the “multi-sensor” profile, which has the preference for use as a garage door.

The problem is that you have not received an email from smartthings warning you that you have to delete your device and pair it again so that the new profile is assigned to it. :thinking:

Perhaps they forgot to notify them or the person who approved the modification did not take into account how their own platform works and that it was not going to solve the problem of users who already had the device installed.

It was discussed in this thread and I warned to smartthings about it, but they did not see fit to modify it.

Also my zigbee contact Mc driver can function as a garage door with an added preference that allows you to choose the x,y,z axis (by default z axis), to use as the axis that detects the inclination and to be able to choose the physical orientation of your device