Garage Door-Multipurpose Sensor

I have replaced my original OG Smartthings Garage Door sensor that I have used for many years.
(started with Smartthings through Kickstarter)

I understand there are no drivers for the original sensor. I have replaced it with AEOTEC Multi Purpose Sensor (IM6001-MPP)

The device paired quickly with my Hub. Per prior discussions in the community, I am using Mariano Shared Beta Driver, with Zigbee Contact Test.

I have selected yes for Garage Door and selected Z axis to associate with the door being open or closed.

The sensor tracks vibration and temperature, but always shows the door as open.

Any suggestions?


If it shows always open, you have chosen Z axis and measures approximately <100 mG with the door both open and closed.

you can physically rotate the sensor to have the Z axis measuring > 900 mG for closed and < 100 mG for open

You can also change the preferences to the X or Y axis and try

I “was” using the STOCK SmartThings Zigbee Contact Driver, which has a Garage Door Option in the Settings, which was working fine.

In exploring why the Channel info was blank (3rd screenshot), I installed the SmartThings Managed - Beta Channel Zigbee Contact Driver (4th screenshot), now it won’t let me switch back to stock LOL!

Still seems to function the same way.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Following suggestions in prior threads, I did switch to the Y axis setting, in place of the Z axis.

So far, appears to be working fine.

Thanks again.