Multi Purpose Sensor - Use as a Garage Door Tilt Sensor

I’m interested in using the multi-sensor for a garage door tilt (indicator) sensor

I read this is possible, but so far I’m online using the “new” app

Can anyone confirm if the sensor can be set to be a tilt sensor and display open/close status with the new app?

You have to set it to a garage door sensor on the IDE

it didn’t require the ide, but i think it requires using the classic app.
here is the official documentation:

Since there’s no gear icon to set preferences in the new app, it can be done in the IDE by:

  1. Log into the IDE (
  2. Go to the MyDevices page
  3. Click on the device
  4. In the Preferences section, click edit
  5. Change “Do you want to use this sensor on a garage door?” to Yes
  6. Click Save

But… the classic app is definitely easier. :grin:

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Thanks for the tips
I wanted to confirm before picking one up

If I follow these instructions via the web, it will show status “open or closed” on the new app?

Yes - I just confirmed with the new app. Just make sure you play with it first so you install it oriented correctly. The instructions that @TonyFleisher linked to have info on that.

Note that the when you turn on the garage tilt sensor option, it will display the garage tilt in place of the magnetic contact sensor. This is probably exactly what you want, but I just want to point out that the default device handler won’t let you use both at the same time.

Does anyone know how sensitive the multi sensor is? I have a NYCE tilt sensor from my Iris setup, but it doesn’t seem to stay paired. I have the ADT smartthings panel, but want to know if I get the non ADT branded multi sensor, if I install it on a garage door where it will report that it’s opened?

My old NYCE sensor has to be mounted to an angled bracket, otherwise it would only report open when the door is 90% opened. My concern would be someone would break into the garage by forcing the door opened and slipping under the door. If the sensor would only report it being opened at such an extreme angle it’s kinda useless to me.

I don’t use one of these on my garage door, but playing with it right now, it seems to need to be pretty close to horizontal to trip. However, the sensor actually reports its xyz orientation to the hub, and then the DH determines what to consider open or closed. The DH doesn’t have any easy to set parameters, but it would be possible to tweak the code to have a larger threshold for open or closed. You could conceivably even rework it to give several different degrees of open instead of the binary open/closed.

To catch an increase of just a couple inches, you could use a contact sensor instead. It might be troublesome to get the sensor and magnet in a good location that doesn’t interfere with door movement though.


Could you post a screen shot of what it looks like?

Here you go. In the new app, when you set as garage tilt it still uses the same icons, but the contact sensor changes based on the tilt instead. In the old app, the contact sensor icons change to an open/closed garage door.

Thank you so much.
That would work for what I’m trying to do. I don’t usually leave it open, and I don’t want it to trigger any automations, I just want a simple “is it open or closed” status. Thanks for the screen shot.

For $20, I’ll likely pick up the sensor this week.

One more quick question, rather than go this route, do you have any idea of the IRIS/Linear garage door controller works with the new app as well? It’s not listed under IRIS, but when you go to add a device and search for “garage door” it pops up.

Is it this one?

My Iris branded opener works great in ST.

Yeah that one. Does it work in the new app though? The link you posted say it works in the classic app, but again, it shows available to add in the new app.

Just come to the dark side and use the classic app…

They’re continuing to make progress on the new app, so even though it says that it might now work (plus, that page has inclusion instructions for both apps). Many of my devices that were broken in the new app in January are working now. Some are still broken though, and some that are working have less functionality than the classic app.

That device is zwave, so it should be able to include in either app. Question is whether it’ll be stuck in “Checking status…” in the new app or will be missing some buttons. If @Spooky_pitboss or someone else doesn’t have experience using it in the new app, just give it a try.

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I’m sure I would be fine had I started with the classic app, but I just migrated to a V3 hub from IRIS a week ago and I like the clean look of the new app (more like Apple homekit) I’m liking how it works for now, just trying to confirm compatibility seems challenging for the time being.

Has anyone done that? I have a spot on my door I can mount the included contact sensor from the Multipurpose sensor, but there’s no point in doing with the way the stock DTH works. Before I look into doing that work, I wonder if anyone has already done so.