Smartsense-multi sensor garage door setting

Hey all,

How can I configure my ST smartsense multi to be used in accelerometer setting for garage door? I don’t see this anywhere. I had it set this way in the old IDE but can’t find it in the new ST Advanced Web app. TIA

In the app, you can select it under settings for the device.

If you don’t see it there, let us know what driver is selected and what version the sensor is - I’ve seen at least one person with a first-generation multi sensor who wasn’t able to get it to recognize properly.

Hi Mark,

“Use on garage door” is not showing under Settings.

Driver being used:
Zigbee Contact

I have the following 1st gen model:


Here’s a driver someone created but I don’t see any responses confirming it works properly; after you try it you can offer feedback in that thread.

If you aren’t already familiar, here are instructions on changing Edge drivers: