Multi-Sensor on a garage door

Hello all,

I just replaced my V1 hub with a V3 hub since the original was being bricked. The documentation said I could just pair all of the old sensors to the new hub. I have paired the sensors, but the multi-sensor on my garage door does not have any option to switch to a garage door mode (open/closed based on tilt) even though all of the necessary information is present.

I found the following article on how to fix this:

Unfortunately, the option mentioned in that article is not present.

I called support and was told that the sensor was old and I just need to buy a new one.

Is there really no way to support garage doors anymore on the new hubs and apps?

Thank you for your assistance.

I have the last model of the ST multipurpose sensor and there is a setting available in the app to use it with a garage door.

So, my guess is … the support person is correct in that you will need a newer version of the sensor. It will be hard to find them until Aeotec releases their rebranded versions in the coming months.

I wonder if there is a custom device handler that you might be able to use.

I have two on separate doors and they started to act erratic.
I replaced them with regular Iris contact switches.