Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]


(Keaton Hoskins) #396

This may be due to the version requirements of LANnouncer. I have updated @aron7676 utility to pull the correct version file. I am able to load the LANnouncer 9.9.11 using the utility. There were some formatting issues in the Beta version that I fixed.

For reference @aron7676 I fixed the format lines for “:OP8”. There seems to be an issue with the “if” statement and how the variable was called to validate the “y” choice.

for example it was set to this:

if %LANnouncer% == y( 
echo [*-*] Installing LANnouncer.
Call :Download LANnouncer.apk ""
adb\adb.exe install apps/LANnouncer.apk

The cmd wasn’t passing the validated “y” and crashing. I changed the format to now look like this:

if %LANnouncer%==y (
echo [*-*] Installing LANnouncer.
Call :Download LANnouncer.apk ""
adb\adb.exe install apps/LANnouncer.apk

Best practice is to group your variable with the validation “==” unless you are using a quote around the variable depending on input.

I also commented out the sideloading command for this section, I am not sure if its actually needed, please correct me if I am wrong:

::echo enabling sideloading apps...
::adb\adb.exe shell settings put secure install_non_market_apps 1

(Keaton Hoskins) #397

I fixed the Utility bat file, it was missing a parameter in the :Download command string for the GPService install.

@aron7676 I changed the line in the :GEN7 section from:

echo [*-*] Installing Google Play Services 3 of 7
Call :Download ""
adb\adb.exe install apps/GPServices-7gen-3.apk

To this:

echo [*-*] Installing Google Play Services 3 of 7
Call :Download GPServices-7gen-3.apk ""
adb\adb.exe install apps/GPServices-7gen-3.apk

Easy mistake, the download “file” piece was missing, this caused the error.

(Chris Wilson) #398

Hi all. I have not seem this posted anywhere. Looks like they managed to root and unlock the bootloader on the newest HD 8 tablets. Custom Roms cod make these tablets really great.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #399

This is great, though Amazon is likely to patch it in a future hardware (or even software?) update.

I just have to bring myself to pry open one of my Fire HD8. But it’s my gym Netflix player too!

(David) #400

Anybody having bad screen burn in with the new 8th gen fire 8 tablet? My fire 7 was running action tiles for several months without any noticable screen burn but my new fire 8 after 5 days is fully burned in! (As in I can go to a white page and it looks like action tiles is running when it’s just suppose to be a white page…) they must have really lowered their screen quality or something with these new tablets…

(Chris Wilson) #401

I believe (from my reading) only fix can be done through hardware.

(MacTechGenius) #402

Anyone expeirencing the full kiosk browser app crash and relaunch?