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Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]



Curious on how I can get my ring cameras into action tiles, if I still need to sideload the third party app?

(Kurt) #377

aron7676 I am running the script on a brand new 8th gen HD8. There are tons of failures and after the first go through I do have Google Chrome on the system but all of the side loaded apps look to fail (LANNouncer etc.)
“enabling sideloading apps”
“the syntax of the command is incorrect”

Also, at the initial running of the script it asked which generation I have, it only goes to 7, and I have an 8… does this not work for Gen 8? (I have the updated script FireUtility.bat with date 12/6/2018

(Aaron) #378

Beta script is still being worked on in my not so ample free time.

If it installed play store you should be able to get the extra apps that way.

(Kurt) #379

Thank you Aron7676! This is all much appreciated

(jason ) #380

this utility is not installing the google play services, says its missing

(Aaron) #381

Beta version?

(jason ) #382

yes, but i just downloaded the latest services and inserted into the apps folder and it worked

(Keaton Hoskins) #383

@aron7676 I am trying to use the script on Fire 7 (5th edition) and I am getting “Failure [DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR]” on many of the processes I have tried.

Removing ads:

Removing preloaded apps (this is a continual scrolling of may errors):

I can paste more, but its all the same. Any ideas?

(Jeff) #384

I ran into a problem Fire tablet running fire OS fails to install Google Play services. Tried the Beta and prior version. The rest of the script except other programs option 8 ran ok.

Any suggestions I need Lannaounce and it will not load .

(jason ) #385

I had the same problem, i downloaded the most recent services apk and renamed it to “GPServices-7gen-3.apk” and put it in the apps folder. its a work around. looks like a broken link to the apk in the script but this will do the same thing.

(jason ) #386

(Jeff) #387

Thanks that link and renaming the file got the Google Play Services installed. Now the last issue I’m having is loading Lannouncer. I go to the site and follow the link to the play store it show the program is not combatable with the fire tablet. I also tried to download the APK and the file will not install. Any ideas?

(Kevin) #388

I have loaded the file to the Apps folder in the *.bat folder. It is not working/loading? Any ideas? It still just closes without doing anything.

(jason ) #389

Are you using the BETA version

(Jeff) #390

Hey @arnb, I’m getting this same error message on three separate Fire 10 tablets (one using Fully downloaded from Google Play store, other two fresh out of box with nothing but Fire-specific Fully download from their website). All three have paid PLUS licenses.

The error happens all, the, time on all 3 tablets. I don’t use any of them for anything other than Actiontiles and have no other user apps running. Two are wall mounted with one within a picture frame and the other just flush mounted with 1mm low profile 3D printed mounts. The third sits popped up on a desk with pretty of airflow.

I reached out to the Fully dev but he just said no one else is having a problem and no idea what the error is (beyond suggesting something is overheating, which I don’t believe to be the case). Pretty frustrating.

Any way I can look to see if another app is trying to use the camera or some other way to diagnose what’s cauy this error?

(Arn B) #391

On my Fire HD 8 (likely similar on you 10s)

  1. Settings
  2. Apps & Games
  3. Manage All Applications
  4. Visually check each active app’s permissions for “take pictures and videos”.
    The device’s Camera app will have this permission but should not be active

(Brandon Tatton) #392

Will this work with the 8th Gen HD 8s? I mean the beta script to get everything set up? I realize it won’t delete the amazon bloat but will the other items work?

(Kevin) #393

No, I was using the “Edited Fire” in the first post.

(jason ) #394

Use the beta version and see above post about google play services unless the OP has fixed the link


I’d love to try and get the ‘full’ script working by using a tablet running 5.3
I found this:
It says Fire OS 5.3.3 but … is that the same as the one sold directly by amazon here:

I don’t want to drop the $ and find out it comes with a newer OS that I can’t fully nuke like the older ones can…