Fire 8 2017 and smartthings?

I am ready to give up. How the heck do I load smartthings on my new fire 8?

I loaded from google play on my fire 8. It says its installed. But I don’t know where? no icon?

Since “Google Play” is not officially supported on Amazon Fire, it is a little early to give up :slight_smile:.

  1. It would be really generous of SmartThings to add their App to the Amazon App Store, but I can’t speak for the overhead or constraints they would encounter.

  2. You may have more luck finding a copy of the SmartThings .APK somewhere on the net (or shared by a Community Member). There are various backup programs that can extract APK’s from installed App on standard Android Devices (though root may be required). I will check my device(s); it may be considered a copyright violation to upload the APK though :confounded:.

  3. And, pardon my unavoidable product promo: if you have a different tablet or phone (Android or iOS) that you can use to configure SmartThings, then I can assure you that your Amazon Fire 8 tablet is an excellent device upon which to run ActionTiles ($23.99 after 14 day free trial) for viewing & controlling your Things, via any number of mix & match customizable dashboard panels.

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Wife has smarthings and action tiles on both her tablets and Iphone. I have action tiles on my windows 7 computer.
So, maybe I can run action tiles on my fire 8?

I’ll need step by step how to load action tiles on my Fire 8. ( short term memory loss )

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I was able to get action tiles on my fire 8 tablet with all my smartthings, but how do I make an Icon for it on my home page?

Currently we don’t have a way to do this, but one really easy functional option is to download an alternate browser to dedicate to your ActionTiles Panel URL.

Fully Browser Kiosk Lockdown (awkward name, but great browser!) is free for basic functionality and can be downloaded directly from its website (or Google Play).

I recommend you google “amazon fire google play”. The Smartthings app is available in the google store, it is working on my Fire 8.

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I’m so lost, back in the morning and I’ll try again

Are you able to install other apps from the google play store?

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