Best Tablet for an inexpensive wallmount Controller?

I was thinking of getting a tablet to mount on the wall for control of smartthings. I was wondering which was the best for the least money and most usable. I hear you have to take all the crap off the Fire Tablets to use them properly. Any comments appreciated.


I think I saw mention of that in the Action Tiles thread. I have a Fire 8 HD. Not using it for ST, but it’s a really decent tablet for the low cost. You can strip all the lock screen ads and unwanted apps if you want. Some will come back with an update, so I just file them out of the way instead of removing them.

Recommendation: Buy an android table unless you have an old, unused Fire Tablet.

Amazon makes a good tablet. Very good for ActionTiles. Buy without ads (cost $10 more).

If you are planning on running the SmartThings android app, beware.

  1. In the past, some users could not access their SmartThings account. Affected new users after about May of last year.
  2. You must load Google Play using some special instructions. One example:

For ActionTiles; Google Play is not required.

  • ActionTiles will run in the native Silk browser.
  • The popular Fully “kiosk” browser can be installed via APK directly available at

Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone! Just a tiny note: The app name is “ActionTiles”, one word, and our Trademark.

Thanks for the correction. I do not use ActionTiles. Been too busy learning to program in the SmartThings environment. But it is on my to-do list. I know you are a major supporter here and appreciate your continual work.


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If you don’t want to deal with the Fire manipulations, there are a slew of android tablets out there with 16gb storage for $35-$40. Walmart and bestbuy both carry them. They are perfectly suitable for this task. I have two in my home, one at each entrance.

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I have Walmart RCA tablet and it has problem staying connected to wifi. It works well if connected but it loses connection each day. To fix, I toggle wifi and reconnect and it works. Verified it’s not action tiles because it happens with other webpages as well. Not sure how to fix but this renders the RCA useless in my home.
By they way…if anybody has fix I would appreciate it. I’ve tried all things found on other forums with nothing being successful.

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If you have access to Tasker, maybe you can set it up to toggle wifi on a schedule so many times a day.

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Good thought. A ‘work around’ might be my best option.

I prefer the Amazon Fire Tablets because they also come with Alexa hands free.