Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]

Hello there everyone, I just bought a ton of fire tablets on sale. (9 of them) and I wanted to use them all for actiontiles around the house. I wanted to get the software side working first, and after a little research I found some scripts that I combined to make an almost “one touch” option for for clearing the bloat off of the tablets, and setting it up for use with action tiles and LANnouncer. It takes about 5-7 minutes a tablet to run the script, but its removing and adding a lot of stuff!

The script removes all of the amazon apps, and loads google play, and other google services. It installs nova launcher, to replace the firelauncher, and loads launcher hijacker so you can use it.
next it installs Fully Kiosk browser so you can set actiontiles as the home screen.
Lannouncer lets you use the tablet as an endpoint in smartthings for announcements.

Your tablet should be on Fire OS to enable ALL the features of this script, however, you can use it with other OS versions or even other android tablets. It will not be able to remove the amazon apps from a tablet that is above, however other functions should work fine.

Any configuration changes that this makes are not permanent, and will not brick your device.
To restore to factory, you can hook up and run the reboot to recovery option, and just factory reset the fire, or do it through the Fire OS settings menu.

Here is a link to it, I would appreciate feedback, but I can not take credit for all of the work. a good majority of this, including the section that removes apps comes from the guys over at XDADevelopers.

Usage Instructions
Assuming a brand new fire, that has not been unboxed yet. - If you have as the OS version, I would NOT let it update and would run option 1 to block OTA updates (or e for everything).
Unbox Device.
Turn it on, choose your language.
Attempt to join a network but use a bad password!
After using a bad password, hit cancel and skip connecting wifi.
Go into settings, about device, and then you need to tap on the serial number about 10 times to enable developer options.
Enable usb ADB.
Plug into a windows computer, and allow it to connect to the fire (security popup on tablet)
Extract the folder above to your desktop, for example: desktop\fire utility
Inside the folder, run the FileUtility.bat program.
You do no need to run as an administrator.
Choose what you want to do from inside the utility.

Swing back here and let me know you used it, and if there are any improvements I can make. Looking at adding in a fully config file that would just require you to login to action tiles, (and/or dakboard).

If you are having issues with the tablet connecting, you may need to get the drivers for your device from here:

Here is a beta version of the script, with some updates. Still not clearing out some apps due to the security put in on tablets in later firmwares, but it has some new features, and is a much smaller download now. Please comment bugs, suggestions, etc.

I’ve had a few messages asking about donations, if you would like to support development, you can here:


In the past few days I manually did two HD8s: Play Store, Fully, Lannouncer and more. Takes about a half hour per device using the XDADeveloper instructions, not including setting all the Fully options.

Just wondering if this script removes Kindle’s sleep screen or adds a “Never Sleep” option?


Wondering this as well. I picked up about 5 7s and they are the perfect size for Room controllers. That lock screen is the devil though!

Easy enough to get around it with the dim: screensaver in FK but still, hopping this gets rid of it altogether.

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My only issue with dim:0 is it leaves the screen on with nothing showing. It’s not as dark as quickly tapping the power button. Usually not an issue and may make a great night light for some, but not for me in the bedroom. So that device gets auto shut off with Fully between midnight and 7AM, when it wakes and I get rid of lock screen.

Also with dim: I was using the Fully Front Camera option to brighten the screen, but that permanently locks out using the camera for other tasks, Iike taking pictures/video of an intruder. (A future task for me). Now, it’s on without any dimming.

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One suggestion if not already done.

  • Install Wi-Fi Keep Alive from the Amazon App Store. Keeps Lannouncer “happy”. Mostly eliminated the times it stops talking for no apparent reason…
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So, Here are the options from the main screen of the script:
1: Remove Amazon OTA from the user, and attempt to block updates.
2: Remove Lockscreen ads.
3: Remove Preloaded apps.
4: Install Google Services, Enable sideloading apps.
5: Reboot the Fire.
6: Switch the Default Launcher.
7: Install Fully Kiosk Browser.
8: Install LANnouncer. (use the tablet as a wifi speaker)
9: Keep device awake while charging.
E: Do everything listed above.
R: Reboot to Recovery.
Q: Quit this program

The Keep device awake coupled with Fully’s screensaver:Dim is what I am using, and I am fairly happy with it. The script does remove the ads, and worst case someone has to swipe to unlock.


Could you please specify which Fire Tablet versions is this utility meant for? 7? 8HD? Or does it hack any Fire? Uh, maybe I missed it, sorry.

PS: also which mounting kits do you plan to use around the house? With those 9 tablets I am sure there’s a need for plenty of tabletop and wall mounts.

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I’ve tested with the 2017 10 inch Fire HD the 2017 fire 7 and the 2016 fire

I haven’t yet decided on mounts but I am considering wireless charging mod
built into the back of the case and some magnets. Although the 3D printed
ones are incredibly tempting I just don’t know if I want to spend $30 a

So the goal is to use the tablets with action tiles and mount in each room?

Wouldn’t this create an issue with multiple people able to control the HA in the home?

Tiles may have an optional pin number controlling things like changing armmode or lighting.

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One main thing I’m using it for is for monitoring the outside cameras. So
we can see whos there. Then we have hues that we can trigger in each room,
and each room will have different switches on it.

Oh, so the utility is universal, great! Thanks!

All Fire Tablet wall mounts I’ve seen so far are a challenge to choose: “Sturdy, Cheap, Good-looking - pick 1 of 3” :slight_smile:

Hoped you found something! Yeah I do remember the printed case story, and yes, its price kind of beats the purpose :frowning:

For now, QI with magnets seem to be the only universal way to go. Also, Sugru handmade mount fits some places, as mentioned by JDRoberts here: Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas - #2090 by JDRoberts

Please do share when you finish the install, - the project of 9 tablets deserves to be highlighted.

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With the current ActionTiles License, you can create an unlimited number of different dashboard Panels, each with a specific set and layout of Tiles and Style.

Then each of these can be securely shared to individual Accounts for each household member or to just all secondary Account with no administrator privileges.

It’s highly granular sharing and you never have to give out your SmartThings password.

What I mean is there are times when the wife for example flips a zwave switch off that is meant to always be on or the kiddo turns on an automation (via Alexa) that stops something from working. Some items I need to prevent family from invoking so they continue to work.

Items like lights on and off are fine. Others are more sensitive to the main controller (me).

you can make “Never Sleep during the charge” in Developer menu. To activate Developer menu go to Settings -> About tablet -> tap Build version 10 times. Developer Options menu bar appears in Settings menu.

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Okay a couple of questions. I already have my tablet set up with fully but I want to go this route so I have control of the screen instead of just dim. Also I would like to play with lanouncer.

First question sounds like it was run on first boot without connecting to wifi. So does this mean I need to factory reset my device before running this for it to work?

Second what exactly do I run? I see several files in this zip. Do need to use any sort of adb program and use the command line or do i just plug into us and launch something in this folder? I’m showing my computer illiteracy here a little bit so can you elaborate a more step by step instruction from after the point I plug my tablet in.

This does not install another lockscreen, I have not had luck getting any replacement to work well. This still uses fully’s dim option. You just need to run the file called fireutility.bat after hooking up the fire to your PC. I have not pre-configured any of fullys options because each individual person is different in what they want.

You can run it on a tablet that’s already been set up but it was designed for ones that are just out of the box and not yet connected or updated over WiFi. You may see some errors but the important parts will still work.

ahhh crud I was hoping it could disable the lock screen so I can finally not have the screen dim. Oh well nice work anyways. Im going to run the script just for the other stuff anyways.

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Well I got this going and everything works great so thank you! The strange thing is I did it with two fire 8 tablets I bought at the same time and one all the amazon bloatware was removed and on the second one everything worked except removing the amazon apps threw a long list of errors all the amazon apps are still there. I wonder if one had a different update or something causing amazon to block it? Either way this is a nice easy way for everyone to get their setups going!

What fire os are you on for the one that didn’t work what fire os are you
on for the one that didn’t work?