Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]

Any update on this?
I think i found a bug or two in the script and needs updating to support Gen 8 (IMHO).
What if your device managed ot update to

I am no longer maintaining this project. If you have updates, feel free to make them and I can update them into the program.

I’ll send some on. Doing some research on the Gen8 devices.

I’m curious if you might have any insight on why all the remove actions might fail on a Gen 8 that I think upgraded before I could stop it to….
None of the ADB scripts and tricks I tried worked on one particular HD Gen 8 tablet…

Mail]( for Windows 10

My Fire HD 8 was recently stuck on the boot screen so I had to factory reset. It came back up as regular Fire device. I loaded the WallPanel app via apk from website. It seems to be working fine (not going to amazon ads/lockscreen). So wondering if script is necessary any more?

What version is your Os.?

I’ll have to check OS later. But wanted to note I am referring to Fire HD 8", I just noticed a lot of β€œgen 8” discussion above, and don’t know what that is.

My Fire HD is an 9th Generation…

About Fire Tablet -> Device Model -> Fire HD 8 (8th generation)

Apparently it just updated too… …

Mail]( for Windows 10

Mine says 8th gen. Fire OS - 2/11/2020

Now that Aaron is no longer maintaining the project, has anyone created a modified script to work with newer generations?

Specifically which apk files can and should be updated with newer versions? Or are these apk files custom to the project?

I have a HD 8 (8th generation) and HD 7 (9th generation) I would like to set up.

To remove bloat, sideload apps etc, I just use Amazon Fire Toolbox that can be found over on the XDA Developers forums. Have 3 tablets all working great. Every once in a while, an OTA update will get pushed through and I have to remove it from the wall, plug it in to a desktop and remove the bloat, but that has happened maybe once in the past year. Hope it helps:

I am setting up an old Fire 7 gen 3 and I tried to use the two different utilities listed in this thread with no luck to set up the fire for action tiles and erase ads and load google play store. Any advice on how to set up or point me in right direction? Thank you very much, setting this up for Konnected Security system.

Use Fire Toolbox.

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Hello Aron,

Would this work with the Fire 7, generation 9?

Hello there, You’re welcome to try it. I can’t guarantee any results as I have stopped developing this after there were some major changes made by Amazon several years ago. I ended up going to a Samsung tablet.