Can't get Fibaro Motion Sensor to connect

Hello Smart People,

I’m trying to connect my SmartThings HUB V2 to my new Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001.

I’v done everything by the support page (Link Here) But it didn’t do the trick… :pensive:

I wanted to do the “General Device Exclusion” process shown in the support page, but it seems it was written for the old app because I don’t see the “Z-Wave Utilities”.

I tried the “Z-Wave Exclude” on the online API while triple pressing the button on the Fibaro Motion Sensor, and still all I see is “Z-Wave exclude mode initiated for 15 seconds” and nothing else…
The live log is not showing anything but: “getPhrases(), state.welcomeIssue = null”.
The HUB Events shows: “Z-Wave exclude search started” and “Z-Wave exclude search ended”.

I even did a sensor reset to the Fibaro Motion Sensor according to the user guide but still I wasn’t able to connect.

Please can someone help my troubleshot this?
Anyone have any idea of what can I try next?

Gil :slightly_smiling:

I had a similar problem…make sure you are actually resetting the controller…sometimes it appears you are with the color change, but you really aren’t…try holding the buttons a little bit longer than recommended. Also, ensure you are as close to the hub as you can get. Finally, if it does show up but has random numbers in the fields, give it about an hour to re-sync to ensure it is really connected.

I have been losing a few zwave devices lately… :confused:

thanks for your reply,
The devices one right next to the other… about 10 centimeters apart.
I tried your suggestion to hold the button longer - sadly it didn’t work for me. :pensive:

I just find out that my Hub’s z-wave is US frequency (bought in amazon US) and all my Fibaro devices are EU frequency (bought in “clove” store in UK)! :disappointed:

As I understand there is nothing I can do to make them connect (correct me if I’m wrong).

I want to be sure that this time I buy the right device,
so can PLEASE someone confirm, that if I buy the SmartThings HUB from UK my Fibaro EU devices will work on it?

I really don’t want to do the same mistake twice…

Gil :slightly_smiling:

I’m having exatly the same problem with Fibaro HC2. I bought 5 motion sensor in US Amazon and can’t connec it to the controller. Is the US frequency different from EU?

They do work with SmartThings. I have 3 of them however I have UK SmartThings and UK fibaro sensors. As far as I’m aware the USA and UK have different frequencies and there’s no way to get them to work.

Be aware that if you buy a UK SmartThings that any other devices you have in the USA frequency will stop working.