Fibaro rgbw won't pair

I have two used Fibaro rgbw z-wave modules which won’t pair with my Smartthings hub. They simply don’t show up in the add things menu.

They show blue led lights when powered so they’re definitely wired correct. As they’re used they’ve probably been paired before, but I’ve done exclusions against my hub which showed a confirmation message and done hard resets where you hold the b button on power up.

What is even stranger is I can pair them with an old Vera Edge hub and properly exclude and pair again and control colours without issue. It’s just the smartthings hub which won’t pair with them. I actually have an old rgbw module paired with this smartthings hub which works fine. I read on another thread where it worked for someone when they did a reset with the module sitting directly on top of the hub, but that didn’t work for me either.

Seems as if my hub won’t accept more than one of these modules or maybe a firmware update since I added my other module may have broken compatibility with these modules.

Anyone have any ideas to anything else which may be the problem. I’m running out of ideas barring buying another hub to test on or resetting this one. With 20 devices paired neither of those would be ideal.

are you using a custom device handler?

Just choose any zwave device from the menu and see if it pairs.

Yes for my older module which works I am using a custom device handler. But for these problem ones they don’t pair at all so I don’t get far enough to edit a device and set a custom device handler.

Sorry which menu are you referring to? I am clicking add a thing at the bottom of my devices list and then it just says looking for devices but never shows anything. For all my other z-wave devices the device would just show up here once in pairing/inclusion mode.

Z-wave does use different frequencies based on the region. Are both the ST hub and modules for the same region?

Yeah the modules are marked eu and the hub is the standard European module.

Try resaving/publishing the DTH and then excluding/including the device again.

Omg that worked! This has been driving me nuts for days.

It turns out I had a codersaur DTH for this module installed from when I setup my original module which I wasn’t even using. Removing it, re-adding and publishing made my exclusion/inclusion work properly again and I can pair these modules now.

Thanks for the help!