Support for Fibaro Smoke sensor?


I recently got my EU kickstarted hub and I am trying to get a Fibaro Smoke sensor to work, but can’t figure out what is happening, so does anyone know if it’s supported, and if not is there some debug tools so I can write a device handler for it?

The unit is this one

I already played around with some custom devices for a spark core and some other examples, but the documentation section is very limited so it’s kind of hard to research on your own


same here. I have been able to get the Fibaro smoke sensor included but it’s shown as an inactive sensor (not as a smoke detector) and therefore it doesn’t work.

I definitely hope that someone (from smartthings?) can help.

the forum does not let me upload pictures but i could show screenshots from the API website of smartthings. maybe that would help.

in any case, any help/idea/support is greatly appreciated.


One more thing: I have also bought and successfully included one of the Fibaro Power Switches. So it must be something with the smoke detector that’s not working properly with smartthings. :frowning:

I also wasted 55 Euro :frowning: any help from Smartthings ?

Hey, I’m working with smartthings on a solution. We are close but not there yet. Andrew from smartthings is a great help but it seems he is the only one in the team being able to help and that means his time is very limited.

once we have a solution, we will of course post it here…

hang in there… :smile:

Any update on the Fibaro Smoke Detector working with Smartthings?

Sorry, no. ST has stopped working with me on this. And I have since switched to Fibaro. Much better, more stable (a bit more expensive though).

Can you shed some light on this integration?

I do believe that safety items like a Smoke Detector should be a priority item to integrate into the Smartthings system, and these safety and security items should be a higher priority than some of the tech-toys that are being discussed in the developer hour calls.