Fibaro Single Switch 2 no longer responds to status (January 2020)

Absolutely the same, I bought it at the same time

I see that now ST supports more Fibaro devices, maybe old DH’s was updated and now Single switch works wrong

But why one of the Single Switches works ok with Single Switch DH.

When did you add first the previous devices? Are they using the same DH?

I added all devices 2 months ago. I didn’t changed DH for them, just using ST provided DHs. So I think they should use the same

Ok, let’s tag @Brad_ST and maybe @Kianoosh_Karami.

Brad it looks like that messages from that Fibaro Single Switch 2 are handled as MultiChannelCmd. But the DH hasn’t really got any MultiChannelCmd handling. So everything ends up as Unhandled.
They are obviously switch and metering reports, but with MultiChannel encapsulation.
Maybe the zwave parser has an issue or the device really reports as MultiChannel. I cannot tell it. But the Single Switch 2 DH definitely cannot handle it.

As the DH has been updated last 8 months ago, I guess the zwave parser does something wrong and might shows that is Multi Channel, when it is not. Can you have a look please?

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@GSzabados How do you know when the DH was updated last time?
I can see only list of available DH’s in IDE and nothing more. The only thing I can say that some Fibaro DHs is new and wasn’t available few months ago, for example “Fibaro Heat Controller”

And these DHs isn’t available on github

The github repo has a folder Fibarogroup where are all the public DHs like the single and dual switch 2.

As I said, there is listed not all Fibaro DHs available in ST

Not all of them are public. The Switch 2 DHs are public.

Hey folks. We’ve got a fix that should handle this that should make it’s way to production in about two weeks:

Not quite sure why this device started speaking to us using multichannel encapsulation all of a sudden, though.


Thanks for the update! You are awesome! :+1:

Was this error and fix exlusively related to the Switch 1 from Fribaro?

I and a whole bunch of other users are experiencing similar issues with Dimmer 2 and Wall Plug from Fibaro (both Zvawe plus and on newest firmware).

Statuses are reported sporadically, if at all. Delays up to 10-20 minutes sometimes. The problem started appearing a month ago or so.

Is ST aware of this issue, and is it being investigated?

The above fix went out only for the Switch 1. If anyone can confirm the issue is the same for the other devices mentioned I can apply the same fix to those DTHs as well.

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Refer to these threads for other users.

I could help you in troubleshooting/verifying, if you let me know what to look for… Im sitting here with a home full of Fibaro plugs reporting OFF on switch status, while still reporting power metering info / wattage, and not responding to events from app.

…and Dimmer 2’s that do pretty much the same.

I’m having this issue with fibaro dimmer 2 aswell would appreciate the help or if you need me to try anything? I’m on v2 hub dimmer 2 firmware 3.05

If it’s the same issue, then switching the DTH used with one that unencapsulates multichannel commands should work. If you’re willing to switch one of your Dimmer 2s that is not correctly reporting on/off to use the current/updated Fibaro Single Switch 2 DTH and then report back with whether the on/off reporting is now immediate and correct, that could basically verify it for us.

Thanks for the instructions.

I went ahead and changed four devices to the DHT for Single Switch 2. 1x Dimmer 2 and 3x Wall Plug EU. Unfortunately the probelm appear to persist. The reponsiveness of the Wall plugs might be somewhat improved, but it might also be my imagination. The Dimmer 2 got stuck after the first command (sent OFF trough ST app; light went OFF, but status stays ON).

Is there any other information I can provide that can help you guys investigate this? Currently I’m stuck with some real expensive paper weights over here :open_mouth: :confused:

Things I have tried;

  • Rebuilt Z-wave network (multiple times)
  • Removed and added devices from network

To elaborate the issue: most devices accept commands OK, and within reasonable delay from scenes, or via WebCore, but the status is rarely updated at all or timely (10+ minutes delay, sometimes never updated). So a plug/dimmer might be stuck reporting ON and 0w usage, while its actually OFF. Or stuck reporting OFF and 20w usage, while its actually ON. In this state it wont accept any command from the ST app dashboard… This makes automations impossible, and manual control a hassle…

Using the physical S1 button on the dimmers turn ON/OFF the connected lights, but does not change the status in the ST app. So they remain OFF in app, while being turned on/dimmed by the physical button.

I have multiple Zigbee devices which are working just fine alongside my 15 or so affected Fibaro devices (all plugs and dimmer 2’s - all purchased and installed the last month)

Note: all my devices are z wave plus, but connect as follows (example from dimmer 2):

Data * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
Raw Description zw:Ls type:1101 mfr:010F prod:0102 model:1000 ver:3.05 zwv:4.24 lib:03

Is this to be expected? (Legacy)

@cbaumler confirmed that ST team identified issue and working on it.

Mine is also zwave s0 legacy but I’m pretty sure that’s right having said that my aeotec dimmer is zwave s0 legacy non secure.

As stated above, changing the DHT did not solve the issue. Do you want me to retreive some other information for you guys to troubleshoot this? Thanks.