Zwave network issues since last week

Hi guys, hope someone can help me.

Since last week when I installed a Fibaro Double Switch realy I’m having a weird experience with my Zwave network. My Zwave devices sometimes is unresponsive or taking long time to respond. I’ve already tried to repair Zwave network (it lakes very long time), reboot hub, etc…

Prior to the FIbaro Double Switch installation I already had 3 other fibaros realy (single and double) working well, so that’s the reason why I’m avoiding to believe this issue was caused by fibaro. But, who knows, right?! The switch I installed is in a very hard place to get to it, so I`m trying to find other approaches before removing it.

Important to note that when the zwave network is unresponsive, my zigbee devices continue to work as expected.

My hub is the v3 US version, fw 000.029.00008. I have around 40 devices (zigbee, zwave and zwave+).

Does anyone have any suggestion to help me trace and find the root cause of my issues? Live logging is not displaying anything strange. Should I opt in to the beta fw releases?

Thanks in advance.

Quick update: I just tried removing the Fibaro device, and the network continues acting weird. Some Zwave devices work, other don’t. I also just removed 6 ghost devices.

One thing I can note is that the devices that are not working well are not succeeding in updating its neighbours. All of them are connecting direct to the hub. I also tried moving the hub to another place, but nothing changed.

There have been platform issues on and off all day today. That may be affecting you. See the following:

ST Automations All Stopped Working

I believe I saw a post that the routing info displayed for z-wave devices in IDE is only updated every 24 hours.

Maybe that’s the same issue. I"ll be waiting a while to see if it fixes my issue as well.

Yesterday I opened a ticket with Smartthings support but they just asked me to remove all the fibaro devices in order to check if my issue would be solved. :frowning: I have already removed the last one I installed, but no success. Now even the Zooz zen15 that is in the same room of the hub is unresponsive.

If I manually turn the switch on, Smartthings classic app update its status (even the faulty devices). But if I try to switch on/off through the app, it does nothing. Live logging shows the on/off event but nothing happens.

Thanks anyway for both answers I had

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