Fibaro Light Switches NO LONGER SYNC Configuration Changes after SmartThings Hub Firmware Upgrade to 000.025.00026

Now that the SmartThings firmware upgrade has occurred, I have noticed a change in the way in which the Fibaro light switches (Dimmer 2 and Single Switch 2) function when they are added to the SmartThings Hub. In short, they no longer appear to sync configuration changes, requiring me to use Z-Wave Tweaker in the IDE to sync the changes.

I have v2 of the SmartThings Hub and use the Classic App.

All of the Fibaro light switches I added AFTER the recent firmware upgrade seem to have a problem syncing the configuration changes using the Classic App. When the configuration is saved, they no longer “sync” the parameters. They appear to store the changes immediately, but no longer display a cycling thru the parameters for a few seconds of a sync process. But the changes arent really implemented - ie, they dont appear to be synced/downloaded to the Fibaro light switch itself (just stored in the SmartThings Hub).

In addition, the interface in the app no longer shows one part of the energy usage. See my attached image, showing the switch interface of a Fibaro added BEFORE the firmware upgrade (on the left) next to the switch interface of a Fibaro added AFTER the firmware upgrade. My annotated red arrow points to the “dashes” in the “after” picture, as opposed to the wattage info on the “before” picture. A minor loss of display functionality, but still a bit annoying.

More importantly, as a result, whenever I want to make a configuration change to these Fibaro switches (added after the firmware upgrade), I need to use the IDE. I change the Device Handler from the “Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5” (or “Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5”) handler to the “Z-Wave Tweaker” device handler, and then make the changes in the Classic app using Z-Wave Tweaker. This works, but it is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone know why this occurred, or how to fix it? Havent yet contacted Fibaro support, but they may well blame this on the SmartThings Hub firmware upgrade.

Under discussion in the hub firmware thread:


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Still without fix

Has anyone else noticed the symptoms I am having with the Fibaro switches (in my post above)?
Not sure if they were caused by the FW update or related back-end server changes by SmartThings.

I am using the workaround I mentioned (using the IDE and Z-Wave Tweaker) to implement parameter changes to the Fibaro switches. But, it would be great to know if others have experienced the same symptoms and how they have addressed them. Again, this only happens with Fibaro switches installed recently. My previously installed switches do not exhibit these symptoms.

I have the same issue.

I did some more troubleshooting and called Samsung tech support (elevated to Tier 2 - no info so far).
I am also going to alert tpmanley who is on this forum (tom manley - head of Zigbee at Samsung’s SmartThings Staff).

I bought and installed a V3 hub today - created a new location for the V3 hub while leaving my V2 hub connected as well (with 60+ devices). The V3 hub shows the current firmware (25.27). Samsung believes all Hubs should now be on 25.27, though my V2 hub is stuck on 25.26 (which may be related to the problem they caused, whether in the firmware itself, or in the back-end cloud server or the combination of the two).

Anyway, I removed one of my devices from my V2 hub (a Fibaro Dimmer 2 switch installed in the last week or so, which exhibits this Config problem). I then added it to the V3 Hub. Unfortunately, it still exhibits the same problem. I could not change the Config parameters without using Zwave Tweaker (which still works). And the UI still shows the same symptom (see picture in my prior post above with the red arrow pointing to the visible symptom of this problem).

While I cannot be certain, it does appear that the problem is not resolved by the 25.27 firmware or the V3 hub.
I suspect there is still a problem on SmartThing’s back-end cloud server, which is causing a partial incompatibility with Fibaro switches (and perhaps other devices from other manufacturers).

Would be nice to get some info from the Samsung engineers. Glad I didnt migrate all of my devices from my V2 hub to the V3 hub. Will wait for a resolution of this issue before even considering such a move.

Anybody else seeing this problem on V2 or V3 (with firmware 25.26 or 25.27)?

Yep, I have the same problem. If I use the "Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5 " device handler that runs locally there there are issues with the config sync. For instance, forced calibration (parameter 13) doesn’t run. A change from momentary to toggle ( parameter 20) for my switches and that does seem to update. I also notice a distinct lack of logging with this DTH.

If I switch back the Codersaur DTH one that I had been using successfully for a couple of years then the issue goes away. The problem there is it does not work with the new ST app and I lose the local processing.

Hi! Did this issue ever get solved? I seem to experience the same (or a similar) issue with my Fibaro devices. I have 2x motion sensors, 4x dimmer 2 and 8x wall plugs. They were all purchased and installed on my Hub V3 during the last 4 weeks, ergo all installed on firmware 28.

Whenever I change a parameter through the new app (only ever used the new app) I get the following message in the live log: “sync needed”. But no sync appar to take place. All parameters are correctly saved in the IDE - but I can see no proof of them being synced to the devices.

All my devices data sections seem to be only partially created - and this could possibly be a result of the parameter syncing never occuring, based on what others have told me in these forums…

I basically only have this on all of my my devices data sections:

Does this indeed mean that my parameters does not sync? And any idea about how to get his fixed? :thinking:

Thanks in advance!

Your device is software 3.5 which does not have the issue I mentioned. I fixed mine by upgrading them to version 3.5. I am not sure if the DTH was ever fixed for versions prior to 3.5.

Great, thanks for the info. :blush:

Do you know of some other reason for my data sections not getting built/displayed correctly? I have seen other users with Fibaro devices that have multiple attributes in their data sections that I’m missing (firmware version, author, device name, etc).

Might not be an issue, if as you are saying everything is actually working under the hood. Still curious to know why my data sections are so light weight :thinking:

You clearly don’t suffer from OCD, and I don’t see how you can troubleshoot or seek assistance if at the very least the data fields aren’t populated correctly.


  • applicationSubVersion: 3
  • applicationVersion: 3
  • firmwareChecksum: 8929
  • firmwareId: 0112
  • manufacturerId: 010F
  • manufacturerName: Fibargroup
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
  • productId: 1000
  • productTypeId: 0102
  • zWaveLibraryType: 03
  • zWaveProtocolSubVersion: 5
  • zWaveProtocolVersion: 4

Raw Description
zw:Ls type:1101 mfr:010F prod:0102 model:1000 ver:3.03 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,59,73,22,31,32,71,56,98,7A sec:20,5A,85,26,8E,60,70,75,27 secOut:2B role:05 ff:8600 ui:8600 epc:2

Thank you, I guess?

This is what I’m trying to figure out; why dont my data section populate correctly. I have added some 20 Fibaro devices, and excluded/re-added, but none of them get “full” data sections. Even after following instructions on how to sync parameters etc. (same for dimmer 2, wall plug, motion sensor)

Dont know how to trouble shoot it further myself, hence my asking around - figured thats what the community forums was about…

Are you including them more than a Z-Wave hop away from the hub? I would exclude, factory reset, pull power for 30 seconds, factory reset again, then include within a metre of the hub, either bring the module to the hub, or invest in a long Ethernet cable and bring the hub, on batteries, to the module and include it there. You’ll see you get all the correct data.

Will try this again, thanks.

I have included some devices with the hub 2 cm away (ethernet cable), and some devices over a few “hops” - but the result seem to be identical; they all “work” - but limited data sections.

I thought that newer zwave + devices could be included over multiple hops, but perhaps I am mistaken?

Thanks again.

Just excluded and re-added one of my devices (Fibaro Wall Plug) according to your instructions.

  1. Set hub in exclusion mode
  2. Activate exclusion on device
  3. Verify device excluded
  4. Factory reset device
  5. Power cycle device, facory reset again
  6. Move device to within a feet of the ST hub (V3)
  7. Add device, using normal Zwave adding and official DHT
  8. Verify device added in APP/IDE
    –> No data section at this stage
  9. Manually configure parameters through new ST app, apply
    –> No data section available still :frowning:

Attached screenshots of syncing process, as well as the resulting device settings page. As you can see, the meshinfo in data suggests its using the main node for routing (no hops)…

Any further ideas apreciated - but I’m starting to doubt its actually possible to get data sections populated using my version of Fibaro devices and the current version of ST firmware… (or it might be my hub thats brokernererd)

Thanks again!

You’ve moved onto the Fibaro Plugs, I was talking about the Fibaro Dimmers, however the process should be the same. I’m using a v2 hub and classic app, maybe that is a differentiator but I shouldn’t of thought so, but again I have different data info on the IDE for the plugs.


  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
  • MSR: 010F-0602-1001

Raw Description
zw:Ls type:1001 mfr:010F prod:0602 model:1001 ver:3.02 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,22,59,56,7A,32,71,73,98,31 sec:85,70,72,5A,8E,25,86 role:05 ff:8700 ui:8700

Current States

You seem to know what you’re doing by way of factory resetting and including, maybe something really is up, or try a forum thread with hub v3 users and these devices? I used the official DTH to set them up and verify they are working correctly, then switched to Z-Wave Metering Switch DTH for local support.

Yeah, I moved to the plugs as i figured the process would be easier than dismantle physical switches and pulling fuses :slight_smile: But yeah, something seem to be up here. Will ask around and see if I can find any pattern.

And WOW, thank you for your mention of local DHTs working for these plugs. I have had major issues with the Fibaro DHTs for the wall plugs (and doesnt seem to be alone there - multiple threads on the issue on the forums), where they get stuck in the incorrect state frequently (app icon) - and sometimes even stop reposnding to state changes from scenes/webcore. A few minutes of testing the generic (local) DHT seem to majorly improve performance and relyability. Thanks! :hugs:

FWIW, I am using Z-Wave Metering Switch for my Fibaro plug so it runs locally and gives me metering information. I use Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5 for my Dimmer 2 modules which are all at firmware 3.5 now. Again with local processing.

I did notice more parameters sync for modules included recently compared to ones I included a couple of years ago. I put this down to later firmware on the hub handling Z-wave differently.

…littering information? :slight_smile: :wastebasket:

Im running hub 3 and firmware 3.5 on my Dimmer 2’s - and the official DTH is giving me a lot of trouble (encapsulation errors in live log). Again, this seems to be something only affecting SOME fibaro users, not everyone.

I got a custom made DTH some time ago thats fixing this for me. Hoping this gets pushed into the prod branch, so I get local processing back :see_no_evil::raised_hands:t4:

Yours are running fine on official DTH, with no errors?

Yes fine with no errors. All I would say is that most of my Dimmers 2’s were initially configured with the Codersaur DTH and then changed to the official one after the local processing was enabled.