Fibaro Motion Sensor stuck on "motion"

Earlier today I noticed two of my three Fibaro motion sensors was not detecting motion. I tried pulling the battery, excluding the device and re-adding it, both the official device handler and the custom one on here and now it seems to be stuck on “motion” at all times. When I walk by it the light blinks to indicate motion, but checking both the app and IDE event history it does not show the motion as inactive at all. Anyone have any issues like this before? Would using another device handler (one of the more generic motion sensors) be a possible fix? or could that just ruin the device?

I know Smart Things is having issues so maybe it is part of that and will fix itself.

I have a fibaro motion sensor to, mine isn’t stuck on motion but it use to turn on the living room lights and well it no longer does. I’m not sure what’s going on. I checked all my ST rules and it’s still not working. I think it’s just ST their having major problems for some reason. Wish I could help more but I really can’t .

Mine is the same over the last 2 days, it’ll detect motion and then get stuck showing motion and not reset itself for a while, leaving it completely useless. Something majority wrong with ST this week. It’s been perfect the last month or so.

Update: this evening the sensor isn’t detecting motion at all, it’s flashing on the fibaro, but not logging with ST

Yep same with mine. Motion finally went away but it isn’t logging anything with ST ( motion, temp, lux, etc…). Leads me to believe it’s just the overall problem with ST and not the sensor itself.

I have just bought a fibaro motion sesnor, when i connected it it showed up as a z-wave open/close door sensor :confused: dont know if this is common, i havn’t found anything so far to say it is. I have moved the device handler a bit and the best I have got so far is temp, lux and battery is reported by vibration and motion show as active constantly, with no update in live logging for those two parameters.

Update on my situation:

I took down my motion sensor to reset it and realized it started to report motion, temp, lux, etc… when closer to the hub. It is definitely the furthest from the hub, but when I set it up initially it was working great for a few months. I ran the Z Wave range test on the Fibaro and it is definitely having issues connecting from that distance. This leads me to believe with a full battery it can reach the hub, but once the battery starts to die it has a hard time. I went and got a Z wave outlet plug and it seemed to fix the issue creating a repeater near by.

Hi, I know it’s been a while since you posted, but did you find a solution? I’m having the exact same issues and could not fix them so far. :frowning:

Still no fix??

Since at least six months ago, every time that one of my four Fibdaro motion sensors detects any motion, it remain stuck in MOTION for hours or DAYS (unspecified time).

This is extremely irritating, since I use them to turn on lights when motion, and the light remains turned on until I use the SmartThings APP to turn it off. I can also see in the APP that the sensor remains in MOTION STATE.
This also defeats the purpose of using these sensors as part of the alarm system.

On the other side, my Smartthings Motion works perfectly. This leads me to believe that the issue in on the device handler or the Fibaro device itself.
I am so irritating with this, that I am thinking to replace all Fibaro sensors.

All my sensors are within a range of 10 meter from the Hub.

I’ve tried a combination of custom DTH, the standard Device handler, multiple factory resets and hub reboots with two new ZW5 motion sensors. Same issue with getting stuck on motion. Frustrating as the LUX reporting is fine…motion is not reliable.

I’m having the same issue with mine, settings modified using the custom DTH but then set back to the standard DTH for normal operation.

Battery is showing as 81%. Did anybody else have any luck when testing the z-wave range detector?

I’m getting sick of my sensors being stuck on motion. It makes them useless for anything in st.

Is it a battery issue or something more serious?

Anyone find a fix for this?

Never worked it out, one thing though at least for me is changing the batteries gets it working eight again, but that just means the battery drain is massive :joy:

Mine says 100% though lol

Interesting, mine would at least get to 90 before it starts getting stuck, change it anyway just to see if it makes a difference. Could be a battery brand thing!!!

I had the same issue with one of my sensors, which is located in my hall way.

I tried to adjust parameter 1 (Motion detection - sensitivity) from 15 --> 25 and 2 (Motion detection - blind time) from 3 to 15. My preliminary result is, that the sensor is no longer in an “ON” state … I will keep you posted should my result change.

Happy Z-Wave building :slight_smile:

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I’m seeing the same issue as above with my one and only Fibaro Motion Sensor (ZW5) - it detects movement on the device (it flashes) but only sometimes does a notification make its way to SmartThings, and when it does, the inactive notification often does not get captured. Tamper alerts (but not tamper clearances), temperature updates and luminosity notifications are captureed ok. The battery is still reporting at 100% (its roughly 1 month old). I took it out and put it back in with no difference.

I’ve just done a ZWave repair but that’s not made any noticable difference. I’ve tried both the standard ST device handler and the community built enhanced one.

Last thing to try is to repair with ST but wanted to see if others are also still have issues with this device. I’ve no issues with my SmartThings motion sensors.

Just a place holder until I find what I want to direct u too…I’ll be back :grin:

Interestingly, I wondered if this was a simple as a mesh network issue. I noticed that a ZWave power socket near the Fibaro occasionally became unavailable, so I wondered if that was acting as a repeater. I moved a few things about to improve the ZWave mesh between the hub and the Fibaro and, after a ZWave repair, things seems to fix themselves - I’m now getting all events reported again.

What this doesn’t explain is why tamper, illuminance and temperature notifications were getting to the hub, but the motion notifications were not. Could it be that some can go via repeaters but others only communicate with the main controller?