Please help. At my wits end with Fibaro motion sensor

Hey everyone. We moved into a new house about 3 weeks ago. Needless to say I am now finally getting the time to set some things back up. Tonight I got my motion sensor and the bulbs it interacts with set back up in the dining room. The motion sensor is seeing motion, however the lights never turn on. I have tried with a rule using routines, rule machine ( i know, no longer developed) as well as the smart lighting app. Cant get the lights to come on no matter which one I use.

Now this was all set up in IDE about 6 months ago so its very possible that I have an old device handler. I do know I have the older version of the sensor and not the newer version as I got mine right before they started selling the revised version.

I could sure use some help in getting this figured out. Please let me know what you need from me and I will get that information for you. I should mention, the lights do respond to turn on commands from the ST app as well as a lutron remote that is tied to those three bulbs.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I’m sure that’s frustrating! Fortunately, that device is on the official compatibility list, so support should be able to help track down the problem.

Thats good news. Would you mind pointing me to the newest device handler for it? Looking at ST official DH it looks like it was last updated in 2014.

There are several different ones available now, but they would require that you have updated the firmware on the sensor the 3.2. This was a major change a few months ago.

To find the community-created device type handlers, you can use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki. Just look near the bottom for The list for motion sensors.

Thanks man. You always do so much here to help out those with less knowledge. I did get it to trigger the lights again after seeing the sensors settings back to default.

Is 3.2 the newest version of the firm ware I take it? My device is on 3.1 then. Is it possible to update the firmware on these? I’m assuming no.

I would suggest that if your Fibaro Motion Sensor is not v3.2 then the v3.2 DTH will not work.
It doesn’t with mine.
I have v3.2 and older Fibaro Motion Sensors and they have different DTH to control them.
I will post the ones I am using if you need them.
Personally I find the older ones easier to change the parameters on.
Here is the link to the DTH I use for older Fibaro Sensors.

Yeah that’s the one I’m using. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the newest code out is. We need some sort of DB that makes that more clear. Probably why people are submitting coffee to ST for approval. I’m guessing they still haven’t ironed all that out?