Motion Sensors stuck on 'motion'

(Jon) #1

I’m having major issues with 2 motion sensors

One is a ST motion sensor and the other a Fibaro gen5.

I’ve had the Fibaro for a couple of weeks and never felt it’s worked properly, randomly gets stuck on motion, then detects motion but rules not firing. However it seems to poll lux and temp ok.

I’ve recently added 2 new ST sensors and one seems to be working perfectly, yet the other is getting stuck on motion similar to the Fibaro.

Can I really be that unlucky and have received 2 faulty sensors or is it more likely platform issues.

Both Fibaro and ST support have been contacted but neither are coming up with definite solutions


I encountered similar issue on one of my new ST motion sensor, stuck and report battery low. I remove the battery and did a reset, it’s work normally now and the same battery stay at 100% for weeks.

(Jon) #3

Yes i’ve removed battery and reset on numerous occasions, sometimes it works for a bit then eventually it sticks on motion

(Ray) #4

Could be a range or mesh issue. For the fibaro. You can try doing a z-wave repair. If it failed then it’s probably out of range. For the zigbee ST sensor. You can try power off the hub by unplug the power and battery for 15 Mins or longer. How far are these sensors from the hub and you should always do these mesh repair after putting the sensors in their permanent place.
If none of these things help. Move the sensors closed to the hub and repeat the steps above just to reconfirm. Also zigbee is operating at 2.4 Ghz which is the same as your WiFi. Could also be a problem. Try changing your WiFi channel.

(Jon) #5

I’ve exchanged the ST sensor and this one is working as expected, so I assume previous one was faulty.

Tried all remedies for Fibaro, at the moment it is working ok… trying to work out whether it is its position in room. The Fibaro is in the room directly above the room the hub is situated in, so probably 4 to 4.5 meters away through a wood floor. Range testing the Fibaro also shows a good result.

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #6

I had the same happen w/ST v2 motion. I was not able to correct until I rebooted the hub.