Fibaro Motion Sensor woes

What experiences is everyone having with their Fibaro motion sensors? I have had mine for about 4 days and have had nothing but issues.

  1. After the first day the sensor would not report motion. It would flash as if it saw you but the logs would show nothing and the sensor still says “no motion”.
  2. Then I had major issues removing the device from smartthings and it took about 5-6 device exclusions to get it to remove and rejoin.
  3. Now it is not seeing motion reliably and turns the lights off when I’m 10 ft away moving around and also reporting motion after motion has stopped for 30+ min.

I’ve tried a bunch of different device handlers and am not sure what the best settings to use are. The sensor is mounted about 8ft in the air in my garage.

I’ve tried resetting the sensor and removing it from my network and nothing seems to help.

Any suggestions on what else to try?

Try resetting the sensor itself and removing it from ST. Then log into api and under device handlers add Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 and publish , then add sensors back on.

That gave me the best, most accurate results and haven’t had a single problem since.

Are you using the stock handler and not using any of the additional settings available under a modified handler?

My sensor appears to be locked up currently… has registered motion for the last 90 min and I know for a fact there has been NONE.

Have a look at this thread and try @CSC DTH.
It works for me.
Make sure you have a V3.2 sensor as this only works with this version.

I honestly cant remember haha, can just change handler in device manager…

Where do I tell if the sensor is a 3.2?

The model number I have is FGMS-001 ZW5

It says on the bottom of the box…

Go into the IDE.
Select your device.
In the data section it should show the version.
Mine says V3.2.

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I checked my boxes, and they don’t have that sticker with the ver number .
IDE does show as 3.2 though.
When I included it, I " tried" to manually search for Fibaro motion and when ST found it , it " warned " me that it found a Fibaro ZW5 asked if I wanted to include ZW5 instead of Fibaro motion.
They only issue I’ve noticed is that the lux reading seem extremely low. I can’t believe with every light in the living room on, it is only 2lux . I don’t know how often the luminance actually updates

No matter what I do, which device handler I use, what I do in the code, I cant get an accurate luminance reading. I used lux meter, took a bunch of measurements, created a chart, wrote a formula, then adjusted any settings accordingly .

Updates at least once an hour

I indeed have the 3.2. I will try this device handler and see what happens.

I guess it’s safe to assume if mine says ver 3.02 in the IDE that it’s not the same as 3.2

Yes, I would at that is a very safe ass-umption

Thanks for the feedback and the precisely placed hyphen.:yum:

Im ot sure tbh.
What i can say is this only works for the v3.2.
I have tried it with an earlier version of the sensor and it will not work.
Give it a try and see.

Since I’ve reset my sensor, removed it from the network and re-added it using this custom handler… it has been working perfectly for 12 hrs… time will tell… looks promising.

Good thing I checked when I got home, because my packaging says ver 3.2 and the IDE says ver 3.02.

I see where my issue is (besides making ass-umptions). Under “Data” it says version 3.2. Under “Raw” (where I was incorrectly looking) it says “ver:3.02”.
Lazy reading strikes again.

well I’m at a loss… I’ve tried the custom handler and it works for a period of time so I switched back to the stock handler and both seem to act the same way. The device either quits reporting to the hub or the device locks up and says there is motion when there isn’t or says no motion when there is…

I am having similar issues. I had no issues at all with a Zigbee motion sensor in my garage for a year, but rewired during a remodel and the outcome was that my garage was too far away from any other zigbee device for the original motion sensor to see the network. I got the Fibaro thinking it might be a good option, but it has been super flaky. I have it setup with a Smart Lighting rule to turn on my garage lights. I can stand in front of the sensor waving and it won’t register motion, but then other times the garage lights come on within a half second. At this moment, in Seattle, where it is 41F, evidently my house is on fire…or at least my garage is. Pretty disappointed with this device.