Fibaro Motion Sensor detects motion every minute

About three weeks ago I started seeing weirdness with my motion sensor. I’ve removed it from the hub and re-paired it. I switched the device handler to a different handler. I’ve gone back to the original handler. I’ve tried multiple zwave network repairs. I have a repeater and none of it seems to help. I’ve read through a bunch of other posts and I just can’t find a solution.

Parameters are defaults. The sensor appears to be communicating with the hub. Every so often it will freeze. Firmware is current.I remove it from the network and re-add. Run a network repair once it’s in it’s final location. It detects motion, then immediately says motion has stopped, then detects motion again.

This means my lights never turn off when they are supposed to. Until I do it via voice control. I do have a ceiling fan, which worked fine for months before this current behavior. I’ve tried turning the fan off and I’m still experiencing the same. No small animals are waltzing through that frequently either. This behavior killed one battery already, though that battery was 4 months old … I don’t think that should’ve happened.

I have no idea what is up with this thing. Any advice?

It looks like to my newbie eye that it is reporting motion detected, then that notion stopped. So it’s reporting, status, and not exactly reporting motion. Just 2 events?

Happens every minute, 24 hours a day. Has been doing this for about three weeks. It’s definitely not normal behavior.

Ended up getting a new device. Works flawless now. I hate to say, but the old one was just attached with the sticky stuff and took a tumble from the wall. The innards were scrambled. I heard shaking, so I think that was the issue.

New one works flawless and controls the lights as expected.

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