Featured "things" mysteriously dissapeared

Under my “Living Room” Room, I had my ecobee thermostat as my Featured Thing. Yesterday, it mysteriously disappeared. I cannot even find it under add devices to this room.

But I can find it in my Things lists. The same thing happened to all my TCP lights.

Same here. All instances of my ecobee and remote sensors have disappeared as well as my chamberlain garage door.

Adding/removing rooms was also extremely messed up last night and I had some adding/removing themselves in loops. Two devices, one of my ecobee remote sensors, and my harmony hub now show access denied on the IDE if I try to edit or view them. I believe they got caught in a loop with one of the rooms that was having issues.

Ya. Same here. I emailed support but no response.

Just made a post about this before you guys. Same thing here, it’s affecting over 20 of my devices all of which are api/ip integrations. For me it’s dsc, nest and harmony that are all missing, some of my rooms are completely empty now. I sent an email to support last night and got a reply back within 20 minutes. They wanted me to reinstall the app and try turning off wifi and use my mobile carrier. Needless to say its still messed up. I havnt heard back from them since. I’ll update when I do.

Same here. I actually have several rooms that do not show any of my devices or only list half of them. I can’t even edit the room to add them back because the edit page thinks they are still there. Not sure what I will be able to do to fix it.

My Lifx bulbs disappeared from the room, but are still in the things list.

I had the same thing happen. Fixed by going into the IDE, opening and editing each device and adding them to my Home Hub under the hub dropdown. I’m guessing some recent change requires the device to be part of the hub in order to be displayed. You’ll notice all the missing devices are not, strictly speaking, ST devices? That’s, I believe, why they weren’t added to the hub in the first place. For me it was Blnk cameras and Harmony activities.

Anyway, that was the simple fix for me!

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I think youre right. I had just told a few devices they used my home hub and that put them back in the rooms.

I would love to try it, but access denied is what’s showing in IDE, waiting on a response from support

I ran into similar problem.

One solution is here where is @Rigging65 already mentioned.

I also ran into the same problem where @jpete243 encountered where previous solution cannot be used because the “access denied”. Contacted support 2 days ago and got this:

"I’m so sorry for the issue you’re seeing. I’ll get that deleted for you. Some users are currently experiencing this issue as well. I have tagged your account to have an engineer take a look at it from the backend and get the issue fixed for you.

Thank you so much for your patience. I will let you know as soon as I hear that this has been resolved on your account!

I emailed support two days ago and they said it was fixed, but unfortunately it still isn’t. Luckily the device’s still work through the things section