2 of my Fibaro devices have disappeared

Hi all, one of my routines hasn’t been working so finally got round to looking into that and as I’m generally fairly hands-off with my Smartthings setup, I realised since I last did something in the IDE, it’s now gone and replaced by the new my.smartthings site. As I was going through the new interface, I also realised at least two of my devices, both of which are Fibaro Dimmer devices, have vanished from my devices list. The lights these devices are connected to are working fine and I’ve not done anything with them so I can only assume these devices have been lost in the migration somehow.

What can I do to get them back? Do I assume they’ve been completely wiped off my Smartthings setup so I basically need to add them again to Smartthings? I’m just wondering if the devices are still there in the background but the interface isn’t showing them, in which case trying to re-add them won’t work or will have issues.

Any help appreciated.

If those missing devices are not showing in the SmartThings Advanced Web App then I think you should assume that they are lost in migration.

Try adding them back again. If they are Z-Wave devices, perhaps you might try and exclude them first just in case.

:pensive: OK thanks I’ll do that. If I can help it, I’d rather not have to pull the wall switch off and get to the Fibaro module in the wall so is there a way to do exclude and add without taking the wall switch off?

Ah, I’ve had the same issue in the past. A real nuisance but as AFAIK, you have no option other than getting to the “B” button on the Fibaro module to both exclude and include.

Ah man, that’s going to be fun.

I think a triple click on S1 should do it?