Feature Request: iOS 8 Notification Center Widget

Would be fantastic to be able to swipe down and access any lights & switches from the app. I think Philips Hue’s implementation is pretty much what I’d hope for from Smartthings.


I’d also like to see quick access to hello home actions. In my use case, that is more important than individual devices since I use switches instead of wifi bulbs.


Agreed. In the meantime, you might want to check out IFTTT’s Do Button App, which has widgets. Its a kludge, but better than nothing.

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Thanks for the tip, definitely better than nothing.

I use the Do widgets to open and close my garage doors (MyQ) via ST. Those doors are the ones I frequently need to open quickly when I have company over or am getting a delivery,

The only limitation here is ST on IFTTT does not support Hello, Home actions. You would have to kludge it even more with a virtual switch that triggers the Hello, Home actions. That’s a lot of moving parts… :smile:

ST said they had this working within hours of the announcement of the widget capability on iOS, but that was what, 8 months ago now?

Had they been acquired at that point? Hate to be a pesemist, but it seems like such an obvious feature that I have to wonder if it’s been shelved/under prioritized so they could focus on other platforms.

Anyone from ST development care to comment?

The iOS 8 keynote was before the official acquisition. Who knows how long they were being courted prior, though.

I’m really surprised there isn’t a widget available from ST.

IFTTT Do works…but I wish it would just toggle. Why do I have to have an on and off button.

I use an app called Home Remote. It runs HTTP requests for me. It has iCloud integration to sync devices. Pebble support. Apple Watch app coming as well as a iOS 8 widget.

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Hell everyone, a Today widget will be in the next release and is scheduled to go out next week.


Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up. Not to be greedy, but is there any chance of an apple watch app down the road?

Yes, we are looking into something basic to start.


Great news!!! What capabilities will we have with the notification widgets? Hello Home Actions? Device control?

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This is awesome! I’ve been hacking some things together but this would work great :smile:
Can’t wait to see some Watch integration too.

@kleneau any update? Still scheduled for this week?

Yep, we posted an update last week on Friday and are awaiting approval. The widget will provide quick access to “phrases” (actions) that are selected for a location. A WatchKit application that uses the same data is in the works and will hopefully be there for launch. I am attending the apple watch secret lab with on Tuesday (7th) and I’ll have a better idea of the options available to us.


Awesome. I am using an iOS IFTTT “DO” widget now for a SmartThings instruction and really like it, but it would be great to have a native widget. :blush:

This is very exciting as I plan on pre-ordering an Apple Watch. Great news about the Widget too. How many phrases can we add to the widget? I hope it’s not 3 like the “Do” app. Also, the Do app doesn’t let you label your actions which is a terrible user experience. Hoping ST has labels for the phrases. Hue’s implementation of widgets was awesome and ST should follow their lead.

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