A couple Apple Watch feature requests

(Daniel) #1

Just tried the Apple Watch app for the first time, and it worked great. I’m impressed by how quickly the ST team put this together, so kudos!

A couple requests to make this more useful:

-Visual feedback to indicate if Hello, Home phrase was successfully triggered or not (similar to how the Widget will flash green or red).
-Show me the current Mode at the top of the screen (would love if the iOS widget did this too!)


(Brian Smith) #2

+1 on both of these. The current mode is really key to me as well.

(Marc) #3

Great ideas. I would take it one step further and instead of showing us the mode, allow us to change it via the drop down like the iOS app does. Overall, very happy with the watch app though and performance wise, it’s pretty good, although occasionally I do get the spinning circle.

I have to say, Home Automation is a great use case for the watch. Most of the apps I have tried are pointless and more time consuming then just pulling out the phone and using the native iOS app. Smartthings nailed this one.


One more request for the Apple Watch, add the ability to have a Glance page.

(Brian Smith) #5

I’m not 100% sure that a drop down menu is a UI option on the watch. I could be wrong (as I am not a developer), but I think it might not fit well on the screen given the size. However, I do like the idea, though. Maybe it is an option where you tap it and you are taken to another screen that has them all in a list.

Also, I’m still “feeling out” my watch, no pun intended, to understand it’s use cases. I’ve already removed apps that I originally sent to it during the setup process.

I think where this will really shine is when (crosses fingers) Apple opens up Siri so that third parties can use it.

(Scott G) #6

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for the “force” tap UI option. Maybe…

(Josh) #7

How about we get some Android Wear support. Not all of us are Apple Sheeple.


First of all, don’t insult other people’s technology choices, and they won’t insult yours. SmartThings is intended as an open platform. Play nice. :wink:

Second, see this:

(Josh) #9

Ok, ok…I wont bash crapple products lol. I have been using the IFTTT as a “work around” but its limited in use, especially with the delay. I will have to check out the Tasker side, as I use Tasker like its going to be banned by governemt. easily the best app made for android in forever. Thanks for the link.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #10

@DinnerYeti if you are looking for an pre-packaged Android Wear solution, I would check out Clever Objects by @Jordan_Rejaud.

Since you mentioned that you are a Tasker fan, you should check out SharpTools which is an app I wrote to provide widget support and Tasker integration for SmartThings. When you pair Tasker + SharpTools + AutoWear, you can do some really cool things.

(Gus) #11

I would like a simple, one button solution for turning on/off a switch/light in Glances similar to the Do Button watch app.


I use both Do and SmartThings widgets on my apple watch. If I’m understanding the question, for this issue they work about the same, but you can have more choices with the SmartThings app.

You don’t get a toggle, but you can set up one Hello Home Action for each switch state. Add those HHA’s to the SmartThings apple watch app.


  1. Wrist turn
  2. “Hey, Siri. Open SmartThings.”

You will now see one button options for each hha you added to the watch app.

Admittedly it can get cluttered if you have too many of them, but that’s true of any watch app.

edited to add it’s a little more complicated to set up, but as @mbhforum points out in the next post if you set up a virtual momentary switch and tie the real switch to that and set the virtual switch up inside a Hello
Home action then you can have the watch widget act as a toggle, so you only need one HHA widget for each device (not each state).

(Marc) #13

You can accomplish this by creating virtual toggle switches and tying them to Hello,Home actions. All of my widgets and watch switches are built this way. One button like Do…

(Andrew Cockburn) #14

Just got mine and despite its limitations, I think this and other smart watches are a good form factor for some simple HA stuff - I don’t always have my phone next to me, but I do have my watch. I’l figure out the 4-5 things I use the most and create HH actions for them and bingo.

In this vein, I just opened and closed my garage with my watch - loving it :smile:

(Gus) #15

Can you shed some more light on how to set this up? I created two new HA actions for my lights; one for ALL ON and one for ALL OFF however these do not show up on the watch app. Why would I need to set up a virtual switches to turn on a light? Maybe I am missing something?

(Kyle LeNeau) #16

Did you add those 2 new actions to the manage widget screen (turn the toggles on)?