iOS 8 Widgets - Coming?

Is there a plan to add widget support for iOS app ? Is there any ETA or is it planned or just an idea right now??


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Please Please Please Please

I know Ben said they had these working within hours of the announcement back at WWDC - this (and Hey, Siri integration) are my two most wanted features for the app right now.


@Ben @Tyler

Any updates? :smile:

Would be awesome, but on the same token disappointing because they have never added Android Widgets, also Google just opened up “OK Google” to Apps as well.

Saying OK Google, is my Front Porch Light on? etc etc would be sweet.

This would be a great integration. I would love to see this.

I would love to be able to say “Hey Siri turn on the family room lights” … if only…

@Ben said back in early June that they had this working within hours of the WWDC announcement along with widgets. He even said they had a video that they just couldn’t release because of the NDA (which has long since expired).

There have been several threads on this topic since then and no word from SmartThings, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Could this have anything to do with Samsung?

That’s the easy bet, but the ST staff has been adamant that the Samsung acquisition hasn’t changed things politically.

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As an iOS user I will be so disappointed if I have to switch to another system because of lack of integration due to the Apple/Samsung issues. I did not realize Samsung owned Smartthings when I switched over from WINK.


Absolutely nothing to do with Samsung. Just a prioritization issue. I expect we’ll get widgets for both Android and iOS sooner than later.


+1 on iOS widgets. Hue has widgets available, from Philips and from third party, and it’s GREAT to have quick access to most used functions all in one place. I’d like to have widgets as soon as possible!

+1 iOS widget.

I’d be interested in accesing modes through widgets - GoodMorning, GoodNight, MovieTime etc…