New app Apple Watch support

I am extremely disappointed to learn that since migrating from the Classic app that the new SmartThings app does not support the Apple Watch!

This is a major backward step for me as I found it useful being able to control my SmartThings devices from my Apple Watch like unlocking my door.

Please can this functionality be added to the new app ASAP before the Classic app is discontinued in October?



I don’t know what smartthings plans to do about it officially, but you can take a look at the Ifttt Apple Watch app and see if it gives you sufficient functionality.

Yep, we are migrating to apple home because of this missing feature


Any updates here? I’m in the same boat and planning to migrate to HomeKit because of this.

I’m developing an Apple Watch SmartThings app. This allows you to execute scenes and control devices from your wrist. I am looking for a small group of beta testers. You must have an Apple Watch with WatchOS 7 (or higher) paired to an iPhone with iOS 14 (or higher). Right now this app is for US only. If you are interested in testing please email me at

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I would be interested in your app once you’ve tested it and it is available in the UK. Thanks

Apple watch shortcut → IFTTT > smartthings automations
Works like a charm
IFTTT is free for 3 Applets from scratch

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You don’t even need to use Shortcuts, you can use the IFTTT watch app itself to access the Ifttt SmartThings channel using the Button Widget service. :sunglasses:

Grab a cheap Raspberry Pi (a Zero W will do) and install the Homebridge image. After a bit of configuration, you will then be able to use any of several HomeKit apps to control your SmartThings devices. You will be able to automate with iOS automation, and Siri to control devices and scenes. The Apple Watch has built-in HomeKit, and there is at least one app for scenes.

Here’s the real hoot: Homebridge on the Pi usually works more quickly than the new SmartThings app. (At least for me, running this setup ar two locations.)

Is there any more news on a Apple Watch ST app yet I got locked out today and only had my watch with me

Nothing so far. You can use IFTTT.


IFTTT is free if you have no more than three rules on it, which is enough for a lock and unlock widget if you want them.

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Ifttt keeps crashing for me when trying to add the smartthings widget is it because I’m on iOS 14.6 beta 2 ?

Sorry, I don’t know, but I haven’t heard of other people having that issue, so it could be the beta.

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I’ve been using @jwerfel’s Watch App for a few months and it works great. It is available in the App Store, just search “JSmartWatch.”


Cheers yeah that works thanks

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