iOS 8 Widget

(Shawn) #1

Hi SmartThings dev team,

Please create a customizable iOS 8 widget where we can add different devices functionality etc

For example you could unlock a door right from notification center after pressing the button twice (for safety)




Definitely working on it!

If you have any other feedback you want to provide us you can email us directly at so we can share it with the team at large.


(Shawn) #3

Hi Tyler,

Would you be able to get me in contact with the IOS dev team so they can add me to the Testflight or hockeyapp beta test of the app?

The email address that they need to invite me with is



You can sign up for our betas at

That said, we don’t currently have public betas for our mobile apps. I’ll bring it up to the team though.

(Shawn) #5

@Tyler I signed up twice I still haven’t been contacted about beta testing for the smartThings iOS 8 app, do you need my UDID’s and Testflight account?