FAQ: Iris Device Firmware Versions

Can anyone confirm the latest version of the contact sensors at least, because maybe mine already came up to date. Still don’t know why two of the plugs won’t up date.

Updates on Firmware

Iris motion:
0x1C005310 old 0x11005310

Iris Door/Window
0x1C005310 old 0x11005310

Hi Professor,

Can you also confirm the latest firmware versions for the Iris smart plugs?

From what I can see based on the plugs and FW I have on my network -

3210-L - -> 0x20085010
3210-L2 -> 0x20115010

I am mixing plugs with some L and some L2 models. No issues in the z-wave mesh between the two firmware versions, eh?


The target version for the motion sensors in ST is showing 0x1C005310, can ST not update them?

Edit: Never mind I just read your post as old first looks like it already is on the latest.


Can someone confirm if the SmartThings hub will automatically update an Iris Motion Sensor? I just purchased one that is a little flaky and I am hopeful that an update will fix it. OTA is turned on and the device shows the hub shows the update is available. See the screenshot below. Is there something I need to do to force the update?

The device updated overnight on its own.