Will iris motion or smart plug work?

I bought the Lowe’s iris motion detector and smart plug. Before cutting them open I’m wondering if anyone has had luck with smart things.

I just tried to pair both with no luck. I guess they are proprietary ZigBee…oh well.

I bought the door sensors and was also unsuccessful. I reached out on these forums and heard from one of the ST engineers. He said that it is a proprietary zigbee but that they had heard that Iris/Lowe’s was considering opening up their API. If they do, ST will integrate. It would be great if they did, they are by far the cheapest open/closed sensors on the market.

I’m not sure opening the API would really help. Wouldn’t you still need their base station? opening their API is not the same thing as opening their zigbee profile.

It looks like their basestation supports both their proprietary and HA. I’m not sure I’d buy yet another “hub” just to get get cheaper sensors, but if I did, I’m not sure what purpose the ST hub would serve…

I still wonder, if that button can be made with the proprietary sw

  1. how hard would it be for ST to make a similar button with the standard stack. Are there licensing fees also associated with using the HA stack? Perhaps Lowe’s would be willing to let ST use their manufacturer with both benefiting from the economies of scale. Probably not, but ST might be able to get the same ODM to make them one. The price would likely be higher for now as Lowe’s probably committed to high volumes if they’re putting their names on it.

  2. How hard would it be to reflash, or possibly repopulate these buttons to/with a chip with the standard stack?