Failing to pair Leviton Dimmer DZ6HD


Sorry for yet another thread regarding the Leviton Dimmer DZ6HD, however after reading a number of related threads regarding functional issues…I’m not able to successfully pair the dimmer switch.

When I try to install a new dimmer or remove and reinstall an existing dimmer, the add device mode continues for cycle for long periods (read 30 + min.) and I stop the add device mode.

When I check the Activity Log, it shows the device successfully joined or re-joined, yet the device does not appear in the device list?

Sent email to Samsung support and their response was the device is not a compatible device. Funny given the number of SmartThings marketing material saying the device is supported and the Leviton dimmer package stating SmartThing and Wink compatible. Perhaps it is time to switch to a better supported solution…I.e. Wink Hub, as there seems to be a number of people who want to use Leviton products and lack of interest by SmartThings to address its customer challenges…as they say, safety or observation by numbers!

if you are using a custom Device Handler - login to IDE and open it and publish it again.

Hi jkp,

No custom device handler, tried a few of the Leviton devices during add device in app.


There were some people who had similar issues adding a Fibaro roller shutter. They were able to create a new device in the IDE using the ID that showed up in the activity log when pairing.