Leviton DZ15S - Device not found in Pairing

Hi All,
I recently bought the ST Hub and a couple of Leviton DZ15S switches. Installing the first switch was straight forward, but I can’t get the second switch to be recognized while in pairing mode.

I have been following the instructions in the article below, including reseting the switch to try again, but nothing seems to work.

For reference, the first switch is a bit closer to the Hub, but I do get plenty of signal in the location where I placed the second one, so I’m not sure if this has anything to do.

If you have any other ideas on anything else I should try, I would appreciate if you can reply to this thread.


You might have a bad switch. If you got them through the SmartThings web site, you can open up a ticket with support. Do you have another you can try? I got one with a bad relay in it, once. They were great about replacing it.