F-HUB-US-2 vs. STH-ETH-250

I cannot find any new hubs anywhere, so I purchased an open box unit on eBay. It was listed as an F-HUB-US-2, but the model number on the bottom clearly shows it as an STH-ETH-250. The Samsung website has an extraordinarily small amount of information on hubs, I can find nothing on what the differences are between models. So what’s the difference between these two? Is there any? I haven’t tried to fire it up or add it to an account yet, as I want to make sure I’m not going to return it.

First, you will probably want to return that because it’s an old generation. The reason you can’t find any current hubs is because Samsung is getting out of the smartthings hardware business and has turned over manufacture of the hubs to partners. The partner company for the US and the UK/EU is Aeotec. So the current version of the V3 hub is the one from Aeotec.

Official announcement on the shift:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

That said, there were a couple of variations in the second US generation made by different factories and they had different model numbers. there was a very slight difference, for example, in the status LEDs, but other than that they are the same and use the same firmware.

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You are right, it is confusing. I think there has been conflation of different numbers over the years. SmartThings may have a model number, but the (contracted out) manufacturer may have their own number, and there may also be SKUs thrown into the mix.

For that reason, even when you do see lists they don’t always reflect reality. For example, I have three UK hubs. One has a missing serial number sticker but the other two are marked as STH-ETH-200 which are often suggested as being US hubs. You’ll even see it confidently stated that the STH-ETH-200 has multiple LEDs. Mine don’t.

Update: I’ll retract that last statement as I think I may have misunderstood what was being suggested. The status LED on my hubs does appear as a line of three dots. Not sure if that is three LEDs or one LED behind three holes but that could be what was being suggested.

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