New hub version or an Amazon error?

On Amazon, ST 2nd gen hub product page has a link “See newer model of this item” to

“The hub has a zigbee, z-wave, and Bluetooth radio and also supports selected ip-accessible devices.”

Sound like the same hub V2 we currently have available

Seems to be a new listing for the motion sensor as well:

The model number is different, though.

I will investigate this… we are working on some slight changes to manufacturing (hence some slight cosmetic and labeling differences pointed out on other threads) but the sales portals are still the same. The source of truth for Amazon purchases is here

Hub V1 model number: STH-ETH-001

Current V2 US model number: F-H-ETH-001

“Newer model” number (according to Amazon): F-HUB-US-2

In case that helps the investigation any… :sunglasses:

Closing the loop… it’s not a new Hub version. There were (or will be) some manufacturing and serial tracking changes to the existing v2 Hub (something like this). I think the tweak in SKU coding was not accurately updated throughout Amazon.

I’ll ask around getting rid of it, but the real products are here

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I think the issue is that when you go to the link that you just gave, and you select the V2 hub which is in that list, there is an Amazon entry on that very page that says there is a newer model and links over to the one with the other model number.

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