SmartThings Hub Model Numbers

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I need clarification on SmartThings Hub model numbers.
I’ve been searching online for a hub to buy and found few different model numbers.

F-H-ETH-001 : Hub Version 1 - Discontinued
STH-ETH-001 : Hub Version 1 - Discontinued
STH-ETH-200 : Hub Version 2 - First batch of V2 Hubs
STH-ETH-250 : Hub Version 2 - Second batch of V2 hubs (Only a new manufacturing company)

F-HUB-UK-V2 : Hub Version 2 - Clearly a Europe frequency hub

F-HUB-US-2 : US Hub Version 2 - Clearly a US frequency hub

What region are the STH-ETH hubs? Are they all EU region hubs?
I ask this because I see a lot of both F-HUB-US and STH-ETH hubs on eBay from sellers in the US and then I see STH-ETH hubs from sellers in Europe.
I want to know cause I want to buy the correct hub, in my case a EU hub.

Technically after the Kickstarter phase, the “version 1” hub was only made on the US frequency.

Then beginning in the fall of 2015, the “version two“ hub was released on the US frequency and in a model on the UK frequency. So there never was a “version one UK hub.“

The official support article has the model numbers:

STH-ETH-001 was a first generation hub on the US frequency.

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The ETH-200 and -250 were both US models In the second generation with slight variations, like a variation in the LEDs.

As far as I know, the only UK models were the ETH – 251 and the current UK-V2.


Hi, I just joined the community looking to find info on ST v2. I am not sure if this is the place to post this info. It appears to me in the US, there are 2 version of ST v2. The visual difference is one has 3 status led light and the other has 1 status led light. I will provide picture as proof (if I can figure out how to import photo).

Anyone noticed this difference?

Did you read the post immediately above yours? It already mentions the LED difference and gives the two model numbers.

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