Is it new SmartThings Hub

Is it possible that this is new SmartThings Hub (v4)?
Aeotec Smart Home Hub - Works as a SmartThings Hub - EU

I would not call it v4 but rather 3.x. There are a few existing threads on ST licensing out the hub and sensors to other companies. Aeotec is the first to offer the products (hub and sensors) for the EU market.

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Official announcement. As @jkp said, for now it just appears to be a rebranded version of the existing model.

Ok, thanks for the information

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It’s arrived! :slight_smile:
New Aeotec Smartthings Hub - EU version.
I add some photos if someone is interested.


Cool! thanks for sharing. :sunglasses: What’s the model number? Also can we see a picture of the back of the box? (You can block off the serial number or any identifying information), I just want to see the logos.)


Yes, of course :slight_smile:
M/N: IM6001 - V3P22

3 more photos:



OK, it’s using the same model number as the Samsung SmartThings V3 hub for the EU frequency, so it looks like it’s just a new logo on the case.

And they got their Zigbee certification posted:


SmartThings is a trademark licensed by Samsung to athorized third-party manufacturers…


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Included Ethernet cable’ probably should have been ‘Includes’ too, but at least it is a word.

They are not exactly disguising the manufacturer are they?

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And “informations” shouldn’t be plural also.